Exclamation New version

Anyone just try this rom: works fine so far. No issues... (It's 1.7rc!)

ftp thanks to drprecated http://bit.ly/diR4hI
mirrors - 4shared, Uploaded.to
(thanks to Klyentel and fabsn)

Can be installed without wipe over 1.6 (other roms may work also)

1.7rc should fit on g1's stock spl (it's about 66Mb)

other changes:
-usb tethering back to settings
-mod version string back to settings
-hopefully a2sd info back
-new font from darkstar theme (no squares in launcher anymore)
-themed energy widget back
-some other stuff probably
-Settings are multi language again.

Still to be done till next release:
-Include Meltus Equalizer
-Update all apps (like bruts maps app)
-Get Compcache to work (will be hard)
-Look into swapper app
-First boot without little reboot.
-Revert to stock font (this one's blurry sometimes and not in chineese...)

Have Fun and report.