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14th March 2010, 12:40 AM |#18  
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Now the default settings are contained in a ready cooked ROM - enjoy!
Appended to the first post:
added 20100314: (edited 20100504)
Despite it is really extremely easy to cook your own ROM with the kitchen, let me give you a head start with your old Tornado. I have cooked the default settings to a ROM and added all tools that you need to step from a stock Tornado to the cooked one in a single archive.

Download it from here:

Unpacking it you will find a directory structure:

├───1 prepare security
│   ├───1 HTCUnlock
│   └───2 SDA_ApplicationUnlock
├───2 prepare for custom flash
│   └───Utils
├───3 flash latest Radio and SPL
├───4 format BINFS 1b00000
├───5 flash ROM
└───6 copy NetCF to SD
Follow the actions in the directories one-by-one:
You only need to do steps 1 and 3 if you come from an official ROM but Step 2 (lokiwiz) needs only be done once per device.
If you flash another cooked ROM you can start from step 4.

Attention: In case you did not notice yet - the following procedures will completely erase all content that you stored on the device (email, SMS, MMS, ToDo, Contacts - simply everything) - the device will be as if it comes out of the box. So back up your data before you do this!

Here is what to do in detail, how and why:
  1. Prepare security: This means that the restrictive program execution privileges have to be set less firm to allow step 2 to run later.
    1. Connect your Tornado to the PC and let Active Sync connect. First run HTCUnlock-CVS.exe in the directory 1 HTCUnlock. This will install a program on your device. Run the installed program there and restart the device.
    2. After the device has reconnected to Active Sync, on the PC run the program SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe in the folder 2 SDA_ApplicationUnlock. It should confirm "succesfully unlocked".
  2. Now the device is ready to receive the "SuperCID" that allows to flash any ROM to it, regardless of Operator or Vendor limitations. To be on the safe side later, please enter on the device *#06# and note down the IMEI that the device reports - you will need it later.

    This needs only be done once per device - it is a permanent setting that survives all ROM updates.

    Go to the folder 2 prepare for custom flash and

    make sure there are no files *.bin left from previous device's activities

    then execute Lokiwiz.bat. It will prompt you with 4 options:
    U. Unlock
    L. Lock
    C. CID Unlock (SuperCID)
    Q. Quit
    Type the letter and press Enter:
    Input "C" <enter>.
    It will copy a program (itsutils) to the device and it should ask you for permission to execute - grant execution and let the batch file continue. You should find 2 new files beside the Lokiwiz.bat (lock-backup.bin and cid-unlocked.bin). Move them to a safe place immediately and do not repeat the procedure or call another option!

    Be careful to label these files unambigously (best is to append the device's IMEI to the name - get it with *#06# before and do not use the IMEI printed on the label of the device - as restoring a wrong *.bin file to a device will kill the GSM radio access (Message: Data Crashes, please contact your... when trying to connect to the network with a SIM card inserted).

    Now the device is prepared to receive custom ROMs.
  3. Let's first put the last available Radio ROM and SPL (Secondary Program Loader) to the device. Go to the directory 3 flash latest Radio and SPL and execute ROMUpdateUtility.exe. After successfull update the device will restart in the old OS, nothing has visibly changed - you could still use the device as it is, all your data are still there.
  4. Now the preparations start to erase the old OS and flash the new one.
    1. Deactivate USB connections for the Active Sync
    2. Switch off the device and disconnect from USB
    3. Press Camera Key and keep it pushed down while connecting the USB cable to the PC - wait until the 3-color screen appears and release the camera key.
    4. Start ttermpro.exe in directory 4 format BINFS 1b00000
    5. Select Serial and Port USB
    6. Press <enter> in the terminal window, you should get prompt CMD>
    7. enter info 2 <enter> you should see something like:
      Cmd>info 2
      + SD Controller init
      - SD Controller init
      CMD55 failed
      + SD Controller init
      - SD Controller init
      CMD55 failed
      HTCSSuperCID        ' HTCE
      The last line must show HTCSSuperCID ' HTCE.
      • If you see anything else there (e.g. HTCSVODA0504 „±çdHTCE - which is for an Austrian V1240) the lokiwiz in step 2 above did not work correctly. Still you have not destroyed anything (hopefully) - so to get the old OS start up again, enter ResetDevice <enter> - the device will restart and boot again. Think about what went wrong in the previous steps.
        The lokiwiz batch file and the tools behind it are very powerful and can kill the GSM radio access of the device. Be careful with the *.bin files and keep those of different devices clearly apart.
      • In case you see HTCSSuperCID ' HTCE then you can pass the point of no return (after this the OS and all your data are deleted from the device) and enter at the prompt format BINFS 1b00000 <enter>. (The value 1b00000 depends on the ROM size, so if you use a different ROM, the value may also be different.) After a few seconds the prompt returns and the partition where the OS was stored is cleaned up now. The device will not boot beyond the 3-color screen in this state. You need to flash the new OS in the next step - but before this enter ResetDevice <enter> - the device will restart and return to the 3-color screen.
      • Terminate the tterm.exe, you will not need it any further.
      • Re-activate USB connections in Active Sync - you may forget it later.
  5. Enter the directory 5 flash ROM and execute ROMUpdateUtility.exe. The procedure looks the same as in step 3 but takes a little longer. Do not get nervous as the time at 100% extends a few minutes. The device will reboot and bring you to the new OS.
  6. The SD card that shall be used in the device needs to have the NetCF 3.5 files copied to the directory \Windows finally. This is NOT on the device but on the card - you can copy it on the PC while the sd card is in a card-reader or when the device has is mounted, there the path is \Storage Card\Windows
  7. If the device had a SIM-Lock and it rejects your SIM, go to the lokiwiz.bat (again move out all *.bin files) and select "U" for SIM Unlock - again move the bin files in the directory to a safe place (but you should never need them). Mind that the "lock_backup.bin" is just a copy of the current encrypted area in the device. So this file is different after each step you completed before. Worse: if you do not save the FIRST lock-backup.bin you can never go back to this state.
Mind that lokiwiz.bat has worked for me on a Telenor Sim-Locked nordic ROM CID-locked QTEK 8310, so it should work for any other device as well. If you get the dreaded "Data Crashes..." message and your restore of the correct lock-backup.bin did not help either - your last resort is the SIM Unlock service here: It costs you some bucks, but they seem to re-create the encrypted area with the matching IMEI of your device putting it in a SIM-unlocked and CID Unlocked state. Cheaper than buying a new device.

After you have sucessfully flashed your ROM - maybe you try cooking one yourself?
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