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29th March 2010, 06:39 AM
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[ROM] RegawMOD v2.0.2p (4/3/10) | v2.1 UPDATE COMING!
Please read Post #'s 1 & 2 before posting ANYTHING. Please. Thank you.
Your answer will be in there. If not, ask away.
This is my first ROM, Originally made for myself, but after some thought and testing,
I decided to share it with the world

Special thanks to everyone who's stuff is in my rom: Flipz, Darch, Damageless. Thank you all for your contributions to the community.
Special thanks to damageless, you are an awesome person, and I look forward to working more with you.
Special, thanks to nebenezer for testing this with me A LOT. I couldn't have done a lot of this without you

v2.0.2p (4.3.10)
Working wireless tether
Added File Explorer (from Fresh)
Added Autokiller (from Fresh)
Changed a string in the build.prop for more Market Apps to show.
Added Mulit-language support to the keyboard.
v2.0.1 (4-1-10)
Based on DC v2.05
100% Basically.Time Without Signal fix
Battery life fix
SMS and MMS light fix
Protected Apps Now Showing!!
No Blacked Out People menus
100% working Trackball Light
Can Update PRL sucessfully
Fixed Facebook Sync Issue (again)
v 2.0 (3.31.10)
Fixed Facebook Sync Issue
STILL No PRI issue
New Htc_IME Keyboard
Fully Working Sprint Visual Voice Mail!!!!
Fully enabled A2SD (no commands required)
Working Aggressive Memkiller Settings (
Working Alarm
Working Quickboot
Working SU
Themes Still Work
v1.3.1 (3.30.10)
Changed build.prop thanks to Darch
Added Mail.apk for well, mail and Exchange
v1.3 (3.29.10)

No PRI issue
Espresso rosie
6 Signal Bars and Battery
Clear Notification Menu
Working Wifi
Includes Market Enabler v3.0.8
Working Google Sync
Working Facbook Sync (no constant sync problem)
Working Trackball Light when you get a message!!!!!
Working ALARM!!!
Working Quickboot
Working SU
Working Wireless Tether
Mulit-Touch Maps

[B]Screenshots (had espresso done last night):

READ POST #2 For FIXES before posting problems.

Sign in to google and facebook at setup,
then restart once it's done syncing before anything else.
Facbook sync takes a LONG time to initially sync all of your pics.

Here's the v2.0.2p Patch (flash over ROM without wipe)

a2sd Users ONLY

Non-a2sd Users ONLY

Here's the Full v2.0.1 ROM: WIPE IS REQUIRED. (using a2sd and having problems? wipe etx)


Add-ons: (flash these from recovery, no wipes required here)
Note: I did NOT make these from scratch, but I did fix some apks for them to work on DC based Roms.
Credit to the original creators.

Stock Rosie (flash over rom, clears custom taskbar)(thanks damageless)

Espresso Only (if you want to revert back after flashing stock)(thanks Flipz for Espresso)

Black Droid Launcher

6 Signal Bars & Battery Taskbar Only (Keeps Rosie/Espresso the same)

Both Espresso & 6 Signal Bars & Battery Taskbar

Black Phone Dialer
(With Homer Simpson lol)

Black Phone Dialer (Without Homer)

Pink Phone Dialer (by nebenezer!!!)

Clear Lockbar For Espresso Users ONLY!

Clear Lockbar for BLACK Droid Launcher Users ONLY!!!!

AOSP Keyboard w/ voice search

Nexus 1 Boot Screen

Logcat Bootscreen w/ Billie Jean music


Apps that were taken out (this is NOT an flashable zip. Unzip and push apks to /system/app)
Just put the apk you want to push in your SDK tools folder, then

adb remount
adb push <name of apk1>.apk
adb push <name of apk2>.apk
adb push <name of apk3>.apk /system/app
adb reboot
This ROM has NO media folder in it (aka no built in ringtones to save space),
so use this on your sdcard (or the one in the zip in the link right above this one):
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