Thumbs up Best file manager (no, it is not ASTRO)


Most people will use ASTRO for file manager app.

ASTRO is nice and works, indeed.

But, I found "EStrong file explorer" is much better:

Here are some features that you cannot find it in current ASTRO version:

- Browse to share folder on PC/Linux via LAN (Windows share folder / Samba)
- FTP client built-in
- Built-in ZIP file handling support (extract only at current version)

I tested it to browse my share folder which is located in NetGEAR NAS. It worked fine and fast.

Oh yes, it also has those basic "app manager" features:
- Backup
- Restore
- Install
- Uninstall

Price: FREE

Search EStrongs in the Market to find this app (thanks to ninjakettle).

And this should be the QR code / barcode:
Nexus 5 : Android 4.4.1 stock ROM, stock recovery, rooted