Red Second Hand Added!!

I have been asked to modify a clock I made as a request some time ago for a simple clock array I had. So that it would now work with CHT.
So I have done so and decided to post it here as well.
I hope someone else may like it too..

My~Aqua Master~Tag Hauer Clock

Fixed, reuploaded.

(4-23-10) Added
Bullseye Analog Clock Set
These are based on Antaed's Bullseye Slider and Start Menu icon Sets.
You can find the Slider HERE.
Thanks Antaed for the use of the Bullseye template.
Numun's Bullseye icon set HERE.

(4-15-10)Set #2 Is Up Now: COLORS
Zip file attached below.

(4-18-10)Fixed Colored Set attached. Few were slightly cut off and CHT Cl0ck, was fuzzy

Full set of Red Hands added.
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File Type: zip Colored Analog Clocks - [Click for QR Code] (283.5 KB, 1000 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.1 KB, 287 views)
File Type: zip Bullseye - [Click for QR Code] (334.4 KB, 575 views)
File Type: zip Aqua - [Click for QR Code] (159.7 KB, 593 views)
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