★ Keyboard ★

★ DINIK "Anastasia" Keyboard ★ ||Portrait & Landscape || || WVGA & VGA - WM6.5 & 6.5.X ||

- Modern glossy Anastasia Look
- By Pressing Green colored Button. (Better to see which Button you pressing)
- By Pressing Green Pop Up. (Better to see which Button you pressing)
- Better typing experience. Personally i find it more occurred to type. (Since the Buttons are now 3D and Green on Push)
- Skinned Full QWERTY in Portrait.
- Skinned Full QWERTY in Landscape.
- Working on WWE Roms. (And maybe all other...didn't tested all)
- Working Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic... (Maybe more...didn't tested all)


DINIK - Anastasia - Keyboard (Original Thred)