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XDA_UC Config. Tool
Thanks to M3PH

Note: The mirrors links have been removed by the Chef. If members need to exchange mirrors links, it should be via PM.

Disclaimer: If a working solution was found for a recent problem while I'm not around, I'd appreciate it if someone PM'ed me with a link to the post, in order to update it here.

Q: Twitter Login Problems April 2011 ROMS:

A1: Backup your Twitter Registry entries and Cache folder before flashing newest ROM's. Without it you will not be able to login.


Using the Energy Exporter you will only get the keys but empty so you want to do it manualy through startmenu > tools > Registry Editor > Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC] > Hold down on HTCAccountManager and select Export > Choose location on Storage Card for later import on newest ROM (Keep safe dont share - includes Facebook and Youtube data)

Q: How do i Flash a ROM/Radio/Splash Screen/Task 29?
A1: This is a complete self-explanatory tutorial with videos.
A2: This is a simple-yet-useful guide. "Thanks to prateekgujral"

Q: I Can't Extract/Unzip the ROM after download (Need .7z extension).
A: Download the latest WinRAR release here.

Q: Can this ROM be used on a US T-Mobile HD2 with 1GB ROM?
A: As mentioned in the very first Post, yes it can.

Q: What are the Installed Apps in ROM XYZ? "Thanks to codeconqueror"
A: All ROM releases have the same app list included, except for Reference. More reading here.

Q: Are there any Mirrors to download from?
A: For current releases, the answer is No, due to the Chef's request. However, if you need to older releases, check the signatures of nrfitchett4 and Scabes24.

Q: Which is the Best Radio to use with EnergyROM?
A: There is no "Best" Radio, they seem to be location-dependent. Some have better reception but poor life and vice versa. Try out several versions until you find one that suits you best. Just make sure it is a 50 and not a 51 version (Example: 2.xx.50.xx is good but 2.xx.51.xx is not).

Q: I just want to have the Radio with extra RAM and best performance.
A: Same answer as the one above.

Q: I have the error "Unable to launch Sense" .. What shall I do?
A1: First possible solution: Read this.
A2: Second possible solution: Read this.
A3: Third possible solution: Delete the folder: "\Storage Card\Application Data", and the file "Manilafull.xml" from \Windows folder and soft reset the device.
A4: Fourth possible solution: The reason of sense crash might be either corrupted CABs, or a combination between CABs that causes a conflict. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at what you're installing, try them one by one until you figure out the CAB/conflict problem source.

Q: My ActiveSync isn't working and I get some weird errors (ex: 0x86000C2A, 0x86000C2B, 0x00.......).
A1: Start -> Settings -> Connections -> USB to PC -> Untick the "Enable Faster Data Synchronization" checkbox.
A2: Make sure you're typing your data correctly, specially the server name. Alot of us (including myself) have been there before.
A3: You may need to terminate the relationship between your phone & your PC, remove your settings from ActiveSync, hard reset, then reestablish the connection again.
A4: Microsoft mentioned that some errors might be due to a recent faulty entry (contact, email attachment, appointment, ... etc). So, try to sync one item only (e.g., contacts). If it worked, you need to recheck your recently-added items & eliminate the faulty one.
A5: This registry seemed to work with a couple of ActiveSync errors.

- Also, Read here and here for further problems.

Q: How do I Automatically configure my Email(s) settings after every flash/hard reset?
A1: Easily create email settings via simple GUI using Makisu, then place the XML file(s) in your XDA_UC folder.
A2: Use some ready templates in this post. "Thanks to nrfitchett4"

Q: How do I Create a CAB file with my Email(s) settings? "Thanks to netvpn7"
A: Here you go.

Q: What are the New Start Menu Options?
A: Read here.

Q: How can I Add custom mp3/wma files to Alarm tones?
A: Workaround here.

Q: I Can't find the "Input" option in the "Settings -> Personal" entry?
A: Delete this registry, and you're good to go.

Q: I Can't find the "Phone" option in the "Settings -> Personal" entry?
A: Solution here. "Thanks to EdinM30"

Q: How do I Control Network Selection "Manual/Automatic"? "Thanks to **[bimmer]**"
A: Use the REG entry from this post.

Q: After a reset my Phone hangs on white screen while loading.
A: This is caused by a non compatible Radio. Upgrade to a 2.xx.50.xx radio version, which also unlocks the 576MB RAM. "Thanks to swiss420"

Originally Posted by NRGZ28


Q: How do I Disable the Keyboard Vibration?
A1: Settings tab -> Locale & Text -> Text Input -> Turn "Vibrate" off.
Or A2: Install the Keyboard_Disable_Vibration cab from the Addons page here.

Q: How do I Disable the Keyboard Pop-up with every new text received? "Thanks to jembot"
A: Start -> Tools -> Advanced Config -> Input -> Set "Auto Deploy SIP" to Disabled.

Q: How do I Disable the Start Button Vibration?
A: Start -> Tools -> X Button Settings -> Advanced tab -> Set both "Tab Vibration Time" and "Hold Vibration Time" to 0 ms.

Q: Where do I get Original/Energized Splash Screens "Bootscreens"? "Thanks to sumflipnol"
A: There you go.

Q: Unable to Log in to Twitter/Facebook.
A: Read this post, and if it didn't work, try to re-configure your APN settings manually (Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Connections -> Manage existing connections).

Q: How to Disable Volume Buttons When Device Is Locked?
A: Solution here.

Q: How can I control Alarm Snooze Intervals?
A: Use this cab.

Q: My Carrier Time isn't working (Settings -> Personal)? "Thanks to Chrisuk80"
A: Try this.

Q: I can't get USSD to work? "Thanks to pee-wee"
A: It's not common issue (only with some operators). You should delete them from Fixed Dialing window, details here.

Q: I'm suffering from the auto Winter Time Change.
A: Solution found. "Thanks to JayMore"

Q: How do I Enable/Disable the 24-hour Format? "Thanks to Khaled_Chebat"
A: Start -> Settings -> System -> Regional Settings -> Scroll to "Time" tab -> In the "Time style" drop-down list, select your preferred style.
  • H:mm:ss tt -> 9:48:15 PM.
  • HH:mm:ss tt -> 09:48:15 PM.
  • H:mm:ss -> 21:48:15.
  • HH:mm:ss -> 21:48:15.
Q: How do I Enable animated weather on home screen?
A: Home screen -> Press one of the Co0kie's empty links -> Add Quick Link -> Toggle Switch -> Weather Toggle.

Q: I need help to make CHT 2.0 more stable. "Thanks to **[bimmer]**"
A: Read here.

Q: How can I Revert back to Original WM LockScreen instead of the Android one?
A1: Start -> Settings -> Personal -> Switch Lockscreens.

Q: I want to Restore Stock Volume changing sounds instead of the new ones?
A: Here you go. "Thanks to sumflipnol"

Q: E-reader tab is gone. How can I have it back? "Thanks to Khaled_Chebat & MAD_Matt"
A: Solution is here.

Q: When opening photos, I get a small centered picture instead of full screen.
A: Solution is here. "Thanks to M_T_M"

Q: When opening HTC Albums, I get Duplicate Images.
A: Here's the solution.

Q: Whenever I open my Albums, Pictures open in TCPMP/Core Player.
A: A workaround is here.

Q: How do I Disable AutoSync for Clock?
A: Start -> Settings -> Personal -> Phone -> Time Zones -> Untick the "Automatic change time zone and clock" checkbox.

Q: I get Errors "SIM Card Not Ready/Missing" when I try to use my device, such as replying SMS? "Thanks to pongskie"
A: This probably occurs due to installing many apps that might cause a conflict. Before using Hard Reset as a solution, try to remove the apps you installed & check your SIM after every uninstallation to see if it's working properly again (Might require a couple of soft resets within the apps removing process though).

Q: How do I Enable SMS Sent Pop-up Notification? "Thanks to sumflipnol"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\NoSntMsg = 0 (default is 1)
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\NoSntMsg = 0 (default is 1)
Q: How do I Enable SMS Delivery Notification?
A: Start -> Tools -> Advanced Config -> Messaging -> SMS delivery notification (Set to Enabled), then reset.
P.S., if this didn't work out, check this post. "Thanks to Crusoe86"

Q: How do I Enable Graphical "Send" button in SMS? "Thanks to oluwaponmile"
A: Solution is here.

Q: How do I configure the MMS Server Manually?
A: Messaging tab -> All messages -> Menu -> Scroll down the menu to "MMS Options" -> Servers tab.

Q: How do I Install CABs silently to device/SD Card?
A: Read the below XDA_UC FAQ & tips.

Q: How do I Copy Shortcuts/Directories/Ringtones/Wallpapers using XDA_UC after a fresh flash?
A: The answer is here.

Q: How do I Stop Music Player from playing my ringtones?
A: Here you go. "Thanks to M3PH"

Stops the sense music player playing ringtone files from \My Documents\My Ringtones\
Q: Call waiting notifications don't work/vibrate instead of the peep tone!
A: I had an active vibration on waiting notifications, default value was pw3v, and solved it with the below.
Change the value to pw3pw3p
p = Play ringtone
w = Wait number of seconds
v = Vibrate
Q: My phone can't Read or Write Arabic/Chinese/Hebrew ... etc?
A: After installing both "Your regularly-used multilingual support pack (ex: Arabic)" and "NRGZ28 Tahoma Font Restore" CABs (from the Addons page or from my signature), use a registry editor. "Thanks to pp18"

Add a DWORD value FontLinkMethods and set it to 1
Then reset.
Q: When I'm In-call, the touch screen/buttons don't work.
A: Start -> Tools -> BsB Tweaks -> General -> Disable both "Screen Sensitivity" and "Tap Time", then reset.

Q: My CorePlayer doesn't play videos?
A: Open CorePlayer -> Menu -> Tools -> Preferences -> "Select Page" soft key -> Video -> Video Output -> Set it to "DirectDraw" (not sure if a soft reset is required, I did it anyway).

Q: How to manually Modify Action Screen Values?
A: There are 10 items labeled APP_0 to APP_10. It looks like this controls the action screen, but I am not certain of this & didn't test it (TRY IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!). "Thanks to dotnetguyaz & MAD_Matt"
Change the value of the path to the path you want the button to be for.
Q: My Battery drains !@#%^&* fast!!
A: Check this very awesome post for useful tips. "Thanks to Scabes24"

Q: Is it possible to Cook the XYZ app in the upcoming release?
A: NRGZ28 cooks his ROMs the way he likes it, and apps are usually being judged from different points of view (Speed, Space, Stability ... etc). If you want a way to automatically install your app, you may use XDA_UC. However, you might PM him with your app suggestion.

Q: After flashing CHT ROM, the Network operator name is displayed as Energy.
A: Start -> Tools -> CHTEditor -> Miscellaneous settings -> Other settings (all the way at the bottom) -> Custom Operator text. If you want your network name in there remove the default text so the box is empty.

Q: I'm having Random freezes while using my phone.
A1: This is a so called "White Screen of Death". What could help here is a reflash of the Radio. Just be careful to use a compatible Radio Version.
A2: Please delete "all data you have not created" from the SD card before flashing... This is because sometimes there are programs that leave registry traces on the SD and they could interfere when you re-install the apps.
A3: If you are thinking of a Hard Reset - Remove the SD card and then Hard Reset. Let it complete the whole process, and when it reaches the home screen, (give it a few more seconds) DO NOTHING.. Simply turn off the phone. Now insert the SD card and boot.
A4: As recommended earlier by NRGZ28, disable both CHT lockscreen and the second hand.

Q: The ROM doesn’t contain the original HTC Messaging client?
A: This can be downloaded from the Addons page.

Q: My Taskbar clock is not aligned in the home screen. Mostly on the GTX ROM. "Thanks to prateekgujral"
A: Go to Settings -> System -> Regional settings -> Time -> Select "hh:mm:ss:tt".
If the above format is not present, then try choosing another region, and see if its there. Confirmed: It is there in "English - NZ".

Q: My music tab loads slowly/gets stuck when the screen is locked or turned off
A1: This is a CHT Lockscreen issue. Disable CHT Lockscreen and use the traditional Windows Mobile screen lock from the CHT editor.

Q: The new NRGZ Chat bubble SMS conversation doesn't work, when I install the ROM, I get the classic SMS compose view.
A: Scroll to "Messaging" in sense, click all messages button. From there you can find the bubble style.

Q: When will the Next Update of ROM XYZ be released?
A: There is no point in asking this question. The updates come when they come, as there is no schedule.

Q: What happens if i ask a Repetitive question?
A: You might either get flamed, or find your question being ignored over and over again, depends on the person responding.

================================================== ===============================================


The XDA_UC cooked in my ROMs is modified from the stock XDA_UC made by Noonski. Great addon, by the way... Noonski did a great job with this !
The version in my ROMs is trimmed down to fit the needs of my ROM series.
Some of the extra features are:

  • It will copy shortcuts (.lnk files) found in \XDA_UC\Start Menu\ to the device's start menu folder (\windows\Start Menu) in the hierarchy that it finds on the storage card. For example: Let's say you have a navigation package on the storage card, like Navigon. If you make a shortcut to the navigon.exe file as Navigon.lnk and copy it to \XDA_UC\Start Menu\GPS\ as "Navigon.lnk" then on a fresh ROM install it will copy any shortcuts it finds there to the same location on the device, so it'll end up in \Windows\Start Menu\GPS\. This works for other folders on the Start Menu as well. Just put the shortcuts in \xda_uc\Start Menu\ in the folders you will like the shortcuts to appear to, on the device.
  • It will copy a custom splash screen from \Storage Card\XDA_UC\welcomehead.192.png to \windows automatically and overwrite the one in the ROM.
  • It will copy a custom Sense background found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\sense\wallpaper_sense.png to the device and set that wallpaper as default in Sense. So rename your wallpaper as "wallpaper_sense.png" and drop it in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\sense\ and on the next ROM flash that wallpaper will become your wallpaper in Sense.
Other than that XDA_UC works as designed by Noonski and it will do the following things:

  • It will automatically import your PPCbackup (*.pib) file found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently install CAB files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will install special CAB files that require user input (such as Agreements or any type of prompt) found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\SD
  • It will silently import REG files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently install REG files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\Exporter, as exported by my own Settings Exporter, ONLY if the "automatic" file is also present in that folder (and it most cases it should be, enable that option in the Settings Export application's menu)
  • It will silently import XML files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently import CER files (usually Exchange certificates) found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
  • It will silently run custom MSCR files found in \Storage Card\XDA_UC\
That's it, but don't forget to checkout the Addons folder and look in the XDA_UC section for tips and tutorials on how to export your email/wifi settings and various little .reg and tweaks you can add to your XDA_UC collection.

As always don't forget to check what installs automatically before reporting a problem with the ROM. Most of the time, if you notice you have a problem that nobody else is experience is because one of the cabs you dropped in the XDA_UC folder is installing automatically while you don't even think about it. Allot of People download and use these ROM's. Remember most people dont post when everything runs they only post if something does not.

================================================== ===============================================

This FAQ has been made by Users for Users - Thanks to everyone who contributed so far and also to those who contribute in the future.

In alphabetical older:

Chrisuk80, ClydeB1, codeconqueror, Crusoe86, dotnetguyaz, EdinM30, Fishawy, JayMore, jembot, Khaled_Chebat, M3PH, MAD_Matt, M_T_M, netvpn7, nrfitchett4, NRGZ28, oluwaponmile, pee-wee, pnxsinned, pongskie, pp18, prateekgujral, pyrorob, Scabes24, sumflipnol, swiss420, TheRomMistress, Towserspvm2000, **[bimmer]**, and watcher64.

Special thanks to the prior FAQ Editors Tokolosh and Fishawy for their great work.
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