OK, before blindly installing this I wanted to know what the fix indeed does and unpacked it and examined the content.

HTC seems to be developing on this cause the package name is: Hotfix LEO08787_1.5
what indicates that there might have been some minor versions earlier

So I discovered, that it indeed replaces a driver file
Guess what? It's the "touch.dll" with a new version (20100319-00)

It places two strings in registry



So thats it for now.

I attach the extracted file only for personal use.
I take no responsibility for unresponsive touch screens.
Be aware that you know what you are doing be using this.

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File Type: zip TouchDLL.zip - [Click for QR Code] (37.2 KB, 101 views)
Dev1: Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
ROM1: Temasek Unofficial CM11 V80 (KK4.4.2) - ROM2: None ATM - KERNEL: AGNi pureCM 2.7.8RC1 - Baseband: BVUGNB2 - CWM: Devil DB Rec. v2

Dev2: HTC HD2 EU
ROM: Tytung NexusHD2 KK4.4 (KK4.4.2) - KERNEL: tytung KK_r1 - RADIO: - HSPL: 2.08 - CLK - CWM: 4ext Recovery

Dev3: PiPo MAX M6pro (RK3188)
ROM: RileyROM 1.8 (KK4.4.2) - KERNEL: giouncino GPS_1.3 - CWM: TWRP v2

Dev4: HP Veer
ROM: WebOS 2.2.1 - KERNEL: UberKernel