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19th June 2010, 11:00 AM |#9974  
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Version 1.8.5 released.
-If you have a previous version installed as a cab: Uninstall the old one and soft reset before upgrading.
-If you have a previous version cooked in your ROM: You can install it over the cooked in version.

To prevent losing your settings, layouts and Quick Link assignments, use CHTEditor to back up before uninstalling, and restore everything when you install the new version.

Read the text below the changelog to learn about changes/new features and how to use v1.8.5.

Quick changelog, more details below:
-[new] option for scrolling appointment and task lists
-[new] task improvements: counters, color options, option to display both start and due date
-[new] high quality wallpapers
-[new] taskbar and softkeybar skinning
-[new] wallpaper control quick links: previous, next, random wallpaper
-[new] compatible with manila_home 2016 (with manila_core 2015) (dev note: graphics files: 1b8f4bec_manila, 55b3bed2_manila, 710705ec_manila)
-[new] addon cab: alternative lockscreen for WM6.1 users (read the notes below) - thanks to Kenia1234 for testing this
-[new][dev] the analog clock has it's own mode9 and script file (mode9: 1E1A6CCD_manila, lua: 1EC5924B_manila)
-[change] weather animation on the lockscreen now plays even if weather is off on the home tab
-[change] music player (or any element) will no longer be loaded on startup if it's not visible on any layout
-[fixed] analog clock hand alignment (thanks to rat_2665)
-[fixed] wallpaper selection on WM6.1
-[fixed] VGA: all tabs wallpaper, add toggle menu, titlebar disappears
-[fixed] photos tab picture position for both VGA and WVGA
-[fixed] clock highlight getting stuck
-[fixed] tab change side swipe not responding after unlock
-[fixed] analog clock resize button shows in non-edit mode
-[fixed] quick links disappear in landscape
-[fixed] appointments/tasks slim header autohide
-[fixed] previous track button disabled image on manila 19xx (dev note: for skinned players 59B6BB1D_manila needs to be copied and renamed to 10B1B92F_manila)
-[fixed] white wallpaper when rotating with hdwall
-[fixed] test appointments don't show up sometimes
-[fixed] tasks sorting and range
-[fixed] if home menu was open when locking the unlock slider would be missing
-[fixed] slider bar appears on white menus with no tabs
-[fixed] phone toggle doesn't turn off if data was connected
-[fixed] weather animation freezes on comm switch
-[fixed] music info not updating
-[fixed] lockscreen bottom bar bug
-[fixed] uninstall problem on some ROMs

Version v1.8.5 explained:

General bug fixes:
As you can see from the changelog a lot of bug have been fixed, including the infamous "bottom bar on lockscreen" bug.

Compatible with manila_home 2016 (with manila_core 2015):
CHT now works 100% OK on this version of sense.
Some notes for devs: In order to ensure compatibility, I've had to include some additional graphics files. I've listed these files in the changelog - in case you use them as part of your themes.
There are 3 files for 2016 compatibility and another one for 19xx (all listed above).

Tasks improvements:
The task sorting and range bugs have been fixed and a lot of improvements have been made based on your feedback.
These include: today, overdue, completed and total task counter, color options for today, completed and overdue text, displaying both start and due date.
In addition: both tasks and appointments list can be made scrollable (option is available in CHTEditor).

There is also a new "Update tasks" quick link which can be used to manually refresh home screen tasks. The reason for this:
Tasks are automatically updated in situations when: a new task is added, removed, completed or uncompleted.
Tasks are not automatically updated when you edit an existing task: change its subject, date or other property.
The reason for this is that task count changes (total, completed, today, overdue) are the only events that the system can post a notification about. When you change something about an existing task that isn't its completed status, the system doesn't post a notification.
Now, it could be made so that CHT would update for any task change, but the problem there is that it couldn't rely on system events, but instead a program would have to monitor tasks at all times. That program would have to be loaded at startup and run all the time taking up memory and cpu cycles.
With the current implementation, the most important task changes are updated automatically (task added/removed, complete/incomplete - things that are done 90% of the time) and for other changes the "Update tasks" button can be used to manually update.
It's a trade-off, but it avoids having another app in memory constantly running and that's very important for a mobile device.

CHT lockscreen for WM6.1:
I've prepated an addon cab with an alternative CHT lockscreen for WM6.1 users.
Installing the addon cab will revert the CHT lockscreen to the older lock system used in v1.7.x. The downside of this is that the old lock system carries with it some flaws:
on some devices it might not lock all hardware keys, has a slower lock response on wakeup, on longer calls it might relock before the call is over, gsensor apps that rotate manila will also rotate it, doesn't integrate with the WM6.5 lock system (softkey in start menu, button assigned lock).
Of course, for those who really want to use the CHT lockscreen and don't mind those shortcomings, the ultimate upside is that is does work on WM6.1.
Thanks to Kenia1234 for testing the WM6.1 lockscreen.
Download it here.

Taskbar and softkeybar skinning:
This is only available on devices with WM6.5.
CHT now has the ability to skin your taskbar and softkeybar so that you can give them a "transparent" look.
You'll find the option at the bottom of the set wallpaper menu. The bars will be skinned based on the top and bottom part the wallpaper you choose.
If you set the same wallpaper to one of the portrait wallpapers and to the bars, you will get a wallpaper that extend over the whole of your screen.
Notes: the bars are statically skinned. That means that the same bar image will be visible everywhere including landscape. It's not possible to have different bar skins for portrait and landscape.
Removing the skinned bars will revert to base black bars. If you had a custom theme before applying the bar skins, you will have to re-apply the theme in settings->today to bring it back.

True high quality wallpapers settable on the device:
CHT v1.8.5 brings an all new high quality wallpaper mode. This is not the same as HDWall + HQ wallpaper patch.
It offers image quality on par with HDWall, but with the key difference that everything can be done on the device - no need for a PC, no need for making and installing cabs.

Generally CHT's high quality wallpaper mode should be the best fit for anyone, but CHT 1.8.5 still supports the old wallpaper modes too, making for a total of 3.
Here is an explanation of all 3 modes and comparison screenshots below.

1) CHT high quality wallpaper mode:
-Quality is on the level of HDWall generated wallpapers.
-Wallpapers are very sharp - very good for images with fine detail.
-It does a little worse with color gradients - color banding might be visible. But as long as you don't use gradient heavy images, this wallpaper mode is the best.
General note on regular wallpaper mode:
-Wallpapers don't strictly need to be in the desired resolution - they will be resized to fill the screen while maintaining the aspect ratio. But setting the appropriate resolution image is still the best practice.
-For VGA users: You can use either VGA or WVGA sized wallpapers - it doesn't matter. VGA images will fit naturally, but WVGA will still work just as well (the bottom of the image will be below the screen).

2) HDWall mode:
-For this mode you need to use HDWall.
-Wallpaper quality is extremely good, and it handles gradients slightly better than HQ mode, but some banding might still be visible.
-The only downside is the need to generate wallpapers on a PC before actually applying them to your device

3) Regular wallpaper mode:
-This mode offers the worst quality in terms of sharpness.
-Images are generally blurry - the only upside is that it handles gradients very well.
-The quality in this mode depends on the resolution of the image - wallpaper with a large resolution (like those for wide wallpapers) will have worse quality than normal images.
-I had considered removing this wallpaper mode completely, because it's generally the worst of the 3 and it's only advantage (gradients) can be seen only on a small number of images. But, it's here, so if you prefer good gradients to sharp details, pick this one.
General note on regular wallpaper mode:
-Wallpapers need to be in the right resolution in order to be set properly. The resolution is listed in the set wallpaper menu.
-For VGA users: All the wallpapers are adjusted for VGA too. So set the wallpaper as they should be for VGA (480x640, 640x480, 960x640).
-Don't select wallpapers from folders with localized names (with characters that are not part of the English alphabet).
-Wallpaper quality tip: for the regular wallpaper mode 24-bit pngs give the best quality. 32-bit pngs or jpegs aren't as sharp.


Some comments on the comparison:

On the Cookie Monster image: The first thing you can see is that there are two screenshots for regular wallpapers this is to show the worse quality at higher resolutions. HDWall and HQ wallpaper do not have this problem - they have the same image quality no matter what resolution should be displayed.
The first thing you will notice on the HDWall and high quality screenshot is how much sharper they are compared to the regular wallpapers.
Between, HDWall and HQ mode: HQ modes advantages: slight better white balance (HDWall is a little on the yellow side) and sharpness in some places (the HDWall image has a few artefacts - mostly visible around the eyes).
HQ mode has some general noise over the whole image but it's not too bad.

On the default manila gradient image: The tables turn completely. Regular gives the best image, followed by HDWall and HQ mode is the worst.
This is the only type of image where regular mode has an advantage. But images where this is so visible aren't too common so the HQ mode is generally still the best way to go.

Wallpaper control quick links:
3 new quick links have been added to the misc section: previous, next and random wallpaper.
They do as their names imply: cycle thought wallpapers. The folder from which they take images is selectable from CHTEditor. Images will be gathered from the selected folder's subfolders too.
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