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I second this MSkip. I loved the Facebook and Bing widgets before WM7 theme was installed. They worked absolutely fine with me. However, after installing WM7 , in my lifestyle hub, I found these links. I tried, but cannot input anything at all. When I try to press 'Update status' or 'Search' in FB or Bing respectively, I cannot do anything and the screen automatically goes to either 'People hub' or 'Shortcuts hub'. I ended up removing the widgets

Is there a fix for it? I have the latest version of SPB which had FB and Bing widgets fixed already. So without WM7 they work a charm, but with WM7, they don't work at all!

Any help will be cherry on top of the WM7 cake!

Please read FOUR posts before yours: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=1002
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