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4th August 2010, 04:35 AM |#65  
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Exploid root packages
Okay, I've made up two packages for this exploit: one for X10a and X10i. This is a full flash, which means it's not an update and that it can be done no matter what firmware version you have (rooted or unrooted). It also means that it will erase all apps and contacts (just like a factory reset).

All I did was decrypt the Generic R2BA026 X10a firmware and write a nice script.

This is where everything else came from:
- (C) skills (for exploid root)
- Do Shaska! (for exploid root instructions)
- jerpelea, Bin4ry and biktor_gj (for X10Flash, X10i firmware and other help)
- xeviro (for SIN reconstructor guide)
- MarylandCookie (for X10i Market fix)
- leobg (for testing)
- Everyone else at xda-developers forum (for general help)
- uliwooly (for Generic X10a firmware)

Big thanks to all!

Answers to questions you may have:
- It WILL delete your apps and contacts. Please back up.
- It WILL NOT delete anything on your SD card (photos, videos, etc.).
- You NEED your Device ID. It goes in 1_firmware/DeviceID.txt.
- You NEED to have PC Companion or Sony Ericsson Update Service installed (for flash and adb drivers).
- You NEED to have 32-bit Java installed, even if you're running 64-bit Windows.
- Basically, if you did the original flash, then you're almost set to go. Just copy the DeviceID.txt to 1_firmware/
- Both versions use Generic firmware (no branding) and come with a Market fix.
- It only roots it. No ADW.Launcher, HTC IME, Spare Parts, etc. is installed.
- It does NOT remove any apps (Moxier, Timescape, etc.). Use Titanium Backup to remove apps.
- The script is very verbose, so it should be easier to track down problems.
- There are 3 steps:
+ After step 1, you will have unrooted Generic R2BA026.
+ After step 2, it will be rooted.
+ After step 3, the Market fix is installed.

WARNING: Please back up! Do this at your own risk!

Exploid Root for X10a (contains Generic R2BA026 X10a)
R2BA026_exploid_X10a.rar (Megaupload)
R2BA026_exploid_X10a_v2.rar (Megaupload)

Exploid Root for X10i (contains Generic R2BA026 X10i)
R2BA026_exploid_X10i.rar (Megaupload)
R2BA026_exploid_X10i_v2.rar (Megaupload)

Standalone Market fix for X10a R2BA026 (included in Exploid Root for X10a v2)
Market-Fix_R2BA026_X10a.rar (Megaupload)

Standalone Market fix for X10i R2BA026 (included in Exploid Root for X10i v2)
Market-Fix_R2BA026_X10i.rar (Megaupload)

Standalone Toggle Secure Shell script (included in Exploid Root for X10a/X10i v2)
ToggleSecureShell_X10.rar (Megaupload)

v1 - First release.
v2 - Added Toggle_secure_shell.cmd script
- Update Market fix for X10i (minor tweak)
- Fixed reboot at the end
- NOTE: No need to re-apply if you already rooted with v1.

Advanced tip (optional):
Step 3 is the Market fix. Basically, it changes your fingerprint to look like an older firmware (R2BA020 for X10a, R2BA016 for X10i). However, if the Market approves R2BA026, then it won't be needed anymore. I suggest testing the Market before running Step 3. Look for apps like Tapatalk paid version.

Advanced tip:
The script turns off the setuid bit for sh at the end of Step 3. This prevents you from running adb .cmd scripts like cleanup.cmd. You can edit the script to remove this command, or follow my post above to re-enable it if you want to be able to run these scripts. Or you can just run them before running Step 3.

Root ONLY:
If you don't want to lose your apps and contacts, and you don't need to upgrade, then you can just run Step 2 to root it. Then you don't need Java or your Device ID either. It's similar to mikrokiwi's script above. However, only run the Market fix if you have R2BA026.
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