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8th August 2010, 03:53 AM |#38  
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Okay, so I'll probably make another dedicated topic to this, but I wanted to post here first, and maybe get a few people to try it out before I do.

I'm haven't figured out exactly how to add the 1.2 GHz step properly right now, and keep the 100 MHz step. Something is limiting how many different speed steps you can. It's probably in the code and I haven't hit the right section yet, but I guess it could be limited in the hardware also. I'm still working on it, but until I figure it out, I figured people don't want to lose their 100 MHz step, otherwise you'd lose a somewhat significant chunk of battery because the slowest it'd be going would be 200 MHz even at idle. I did run it like this for at least 14 hours last night, but I couldn't say how much it would actually affect battery life.

So anyway, until then I've gone the simple route and compiled a kernel that replaces the 1 GHz step with 1.2 GHz. I figure if you're doing something that needs enough power to hit 1 GHz, you're probably doing something that would have kicked it into 1.2 GHz anyway.

Standard disclaimer applies, try this at your own risk. Overclocking CAN reduce life or even break things, blah blah blah, you know the deal. I've been running like this for about a full 24 hours now and have seen no problems, so I can't imagine anyone else will unless it's simple voltage adjustments.

Right now it's running at the stock voltage of 1.275 V, though from the info I can find Samsung says 1 GHz can run at 1.25 V, so I don't know the difference there. I'll play with voltages, but for now, 1.2 GHz has run at stock voltage just fine for me with no crashes or hangs, even through the SetCPU stress test. If you have issues, please let me know and we'll tweak it a little.

Also, one last thing, this kernel is ext4 enabled, but won't mount anything. You can still use it with an ext4 external partition if you do the userinit version of the speed fix mod. If there's interest I'll see if NukaCola want's to build a OC kernel that will mount external partitions also.

So anyway, here you go:

Originally Posted by XorZone

Do you know if vibrant kernel have same wake lag as well?

Yeah, we all have this issue right now. I think I even read it in the i9000 thread, but don't quote me on that. Hopefully between all of the developers of the different phones we can figure it out. That or Samsung could fix the source, that would be nice, haha.