Hello lads,
long time since last update in my LBFAR ROM, which was probably the fastest one out here containing Manila. Since then, I have been few months on the ROM, then started playing with Sense 2.5. But still, I wasn't satisfied. So I have made compromise - TF3D from mine ROM but new, COM5 build.

This ROM includes basic software as comm manager, Internet Explorer, Office Mobile, Adobe Reader etc. But all other advanced software is deleted!

Now let's present it's graphical part:
Images are no longer valid, they will be updated during today/tomorrow, when I get a chance to make them!

Pretty cool huh?
This BETA version runs on 23569 build. You have plenty of RAM (~114MB) and ROM (~333MB) after first boot. Also it is SUPERFAST so enjoy .

To hide Start & Done buttons on softkeybar, install cab in this post![/B]

ON FIRST BOOT, WHEN IT GETS "STUCK" on customization, click to the TOP RIGHT CORNER, where OK used to be on WM6.5!


MultiUpload (rapidshare, megaupload, hotfile, ...)
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