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Could it be:
    <ModelName      value="GT-P1000"/>
    <BaseModelName  value="GT-P1000"/>
    <ProjectName  value="P1"/>
    <FriendlyName  value="P1"/>
    <ProductLineup value="HHP"/>
    <OS value="Android" />
    <TargetMarket value= "Europe" />
    <Platform value="Android" lab="GALAB"/>
    <Language value= "English" />
      <Type value="XGA"/>
      <Width  value="600"/>
      <Height value="1024"/>
      <Color value="16777216"/>
If that's right then the info Samsung-Firmwares.com lists here is wrong. They claim 480x800, which seems rather bizarre to me considering it's the same resolution as the phone, only blown up to 7"

1024x600 would be much better, but I want the thing to be a larger form factor (9-10") even more.