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XDA-Developers & Myself are in no way responsible for any loss of information or damages to your device that may result from from the use (or misuse) of this process, though the process itself should not cause any such problems I feel it necessary to reinforce this fact.

-----Special Thanks-----
-For the methodology and providing the flash_boot and recovery image links in his eng bootloader thread-

Stick from IRC
-For his sacrifice and bringing this issue to our attention (R.I.P. sticks Eris)-

Suno and Mezy (also IRC)
-For being unwitting guinea pigs and verifying the process-

It has recently come to our attention that a version of clockwork recovery included in rom manager can and has (sorry stick) caused problems for Eris. Clockwork (or more specifically this clockwork) does not play nice with the Eris and in at least one case has resulted in a corrupted userdata partition resulting in a brick. This is not necessarily going to happen in all cases but the possibility is there and as such it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are using clockwork without issue but wish to switch back to Amon Ra this thread can also help you meet that end.

NOTE: Users who cannot use Amon RA recovery due to trackball issues should attempt the usb wiggle method. there is some sort of connection between the usb housing and the trackball down sensor that makes the trackball register a down movement when the usb gets rocked in a downward motion (extra note. be gentle)

What You Need:
Android SDK for adb - (alternatively this can be done PC-less but I will cover that later)
flash_image -
recovery.img -
su - for root permissions
Astro or Root Explorer - (For PC-Less Only)
Terminal Emulator - (For PC-Less Only)

This process is relatively straightforward and I'm going to cover both the adb method and the PC-Less method in case you for some reason can't get your device recognized by your system (or don't have access to one). I have also made this very detailed for inexperienced users.

The Process:

ADB Version-
1) Download both the flash_image & recovery.img files from the links above and place them in your android-sdk tools directory
2) Open a Command Prompt (or terminal) and navigate to the tools directory.
3) Connect your device (USB Debugging Must Be Enabled) and verify the PC can see the device - type:
adb devices
4) Push both flash_image & recovery.img to /data/local on your device:
adb push flash_image /data/local
adb push recovery.img /data/local
5) Change the permissions of flash_image:
adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/flash_image
6) Flash the recovery image to recovery:
adb shell 
su    /*this is for those who do not get dropped into a root shell automatically remember $ = user # = root */
/data/local/flash_image recovery /data/local/recovery.img
7) Give it a few seconds to run (just give it 10 or so seconds to be safe)
8) Issue the following to reboot the device into recovery mode to verify the flash took:
adb reboot recovery

PC-Less Version-
1) Download both files to your sdcard.
2) Use Astro or Root Explorer to move both of the files to /data/local (if you run into a read only error use this command in terminal emulator and try again)
NOTE: Root Explorer users can hit the rw/ro toggle button.
mount -o remount,rw /
If for what ever reason you either can't get Root Explorer and ASTRO is blocking you from navigating outside your SD go to terminal emulator and issue the commands:
mv /sdcard/download/flash_image /data/local
3) Open terminal emulator and issue this command to set permissions:
chmod 777 /data/local/flash_image
4) Still in terminal emulator flash the recovery image to recovery:
/data/local/flash_image recovery /data/local/recovery.img
5) When the prompt returns issue the command:
reboot recovery

If you completed either method you should be greeted by a green text recovery menu. If so congrats Amon RA has blessed you with it's presence. go ahead and reboot system or flash a rom if you like.

If This was Helpful I only ask that you become an active member and contribute to the community in any way possible. The OpenSource community is what it is because of people like you giving freely of themselves for the benefit of the whole.
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