Default Fuze Sense 2.5.2018 Test ROM is almost ready!!

I'm still finishing up the last bit of testing, but I'm almost done with the 23130 Sense 2.5.2018 Fuze ROM. I was very selective about which packages I updated, which is why it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I've made quite a bit of changes since my last round of ROMs (2 months ago!! )
  • Build updated to latest COM3 (23130) - threaded e-mail added
  • ATT Dialer updated to latest version from Sense 2.5 Tilt 2 ROM (in-call screen still not up high enough , sorry)
  • latest HTC Messaging Client (by pyrorob) included (I didn't want to, but Messaging doesn't work right without it now)
  • "Start" & "OK" buttons removed - tarkim's key mapper included (Long Press on "Home" button opens Task Manager, long press on "Back" button closes active window)
  • AMeBa removed (see previous item for why )
  • JBlend Java replaced with SUN Java from Pure (my preference)
  • RSS Hub added (required for Oboe Sense for RSS widget on Home screen)
  • programatix's VGA ported Sense 2018 included (with RSS feed on Home tab!!)
  • Internet tab icon is weird (can't change that right now)
So it's progressing nicely. I just realized the Menu isn't working on the Messaging tab - I'll have to post in the port thread to see why.
Device 1: HTC One (M8)/831C | Hardware Version: 0005

Baseband: | PRI: 2.62_003 | PRL: 53135
Recovery: TWRP

Device 2: HTC Jewel/PJ75100 (EVO 4G LTE) | Hardware Version: 0003

Baseband: | PRI: 3.02_003 | PRL: 56018
Recovery: TWRP

Device 3: HTC Shooter/PG86100 (EVO 3D) | Hardware Version: 0002
Baseband: | PRI: 1.55_003 | PRL: 22100
Recovery: TWRP

Device 4: HTC Supersonic/PC36100 (EVO 4G) | Hardware Version: 0004
Baseband: | PRI: 2.33_003 | PRL: 40460
Recovery: TWRP