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So let me see if I have this straight.

When you make changes, any change that would have gone to the actual (write-protected) location gets redirected to a remote location.

When you reboot the phone, that remote location gets wiped and the phone gets the original data from the write-protected location?
I don't think so. I don't think it is that anything gets written back to /system. It's that it never was changed in the first place.

I think it is basically like an overlay. The underlying files are from a read-only /system. Any changes get written to a separate place.

It sounds like it is a lot like Sandboxie (a Windows app that lets you create safe sandboxes). Any writes to your disk or registry get intercepted at a low level and end up written to another location, which you can later delete to make it as if the files were never written. It's like a read-through cache but the writes don't go back to the underlying location.