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sry for not telling but I already tried that. I dial *#*#4636#*#* and type 00491722270222 in the SMSC field. There are two buttons: Update and Refresh. Update seems to do nothing, Refresh removes the number from the field.

Any suggestions?

You need to be entering SMSC number in Octal-Hexadecimal format with special leading numbers, to tell android which format is that.

Basically go to (damn xda do not allow me to post links, as I am new user). DO search in google on "Online PDU Encoder and Decoder" - go to first link.

At the bottom, there is a converter for sms message to pdu format. Do the following, remove everything, except you smsc number (with plus sign) convert to pdu. Copy first 16 numbers from pdu. And enter them in your android SMSC update field. Click update - enjoy. It should be working.