Hasn't anyone figured out to use VirtualBox yet?

So much easier: avoids crappy cd burning issues, MD5 mismatches from a poor burn, multi-platform, no system rebooting and you don't have to worry about whether your machine can actually boot the iso

1. Download/Install Virtualbox Personal Use version(NOT the OSE edition, it doesn't ship with USB drivers)
2. Create a NEW virtual without a harddrive.
3. Run the virtual.
4. On first run it will ask you to use an install medium. Find your alpharev ISO and use that.
5. Wait for the virtual to boot to the first stage.
6. Click the USB icon in the bottom right and select your phone.
7. Follow the rest of the steps. BUT remember that every time the phone resets/reboots it is recognized as a different device so you will have to repeat step 6 each time. On the 3rd stage it takes about 5 minutes while it is "stuck" on the HTC screen. This is fine, give is a minute or 2 then and do step 6 again.
8. Once you're done, let your phone boot to the S-OFF bootloader, and reboot your phone/go to recovery etc.
9. The virtual should shutdown at this point.
Phone: HTC One X 32GB (quad-core, because more is better!)
Rom: IceColdJelly
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