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Lightbulb Goldcard method - install Artemis v.4x - v.7x on your branded Leo (no HSPL needed)

I suggest using Artemis v.4x/v.5x/v.6x/v.7x ROM with HSPL4 (HSPL 3.03). So its not necessary to use the goldcard method.

If you want to use the goldcard method please move forward with my guide...

Cause many users ask me how to flash their operator branded Leo (aka HD2) with the goldcard method, I decided to write a short tutorial, which is a little bit different from the others in the forum.

The reason for this guide is that operator branded Leos (e. g. T-Mobile UK, Orange, etc. - see available 3.14 ROMs here!) don't work very well with the great Artemis v.4x/v.5x/v.6x/v.7x ROM until you haven't updated your Leo to SPL 3.03.0000 from 3.14 Stock ROM. Thes simplest way to use the necessary SPL version 3.03 is to flash HSPL4 (HSPL 3.03) on your Leo. Beside HSPL you can flash Artemis v.4x/v.5x/v.6x ROM (which is based on 3.14 ROM), until your operator has not published an official 3.14 ROM, with the goldcard method. With the goldcard method you are able to flash any 3.14 ROM (and older) without HSPL on your branded Leo. Attention: If you use Artemis v.4x/v.5x ROM in combination with HSPL2/3 you will notice some errors like low RAM etc.

If you have an unbranded (original HTC) Leo or your operator provide you a 3.14 ROM, you don't have to follow my guide. Please go directly to the nice Artemis flash tutorial by user scv

What you need:
  1. microSD card (some users reported issues with microSD card size bigger than 8 GB - btw. I've used a 2 GB SanDisk microSD card)
  2. The "PSAS" Software: - (RevSkills 2.x free version)

Please read the following lines carefuly! Its important for your success to follow step by step!

microSD card "flash" procedure:
  1. Download and install the PSAS free Version mentioned above:
    -- The goldcard generator you'll find on is for Android and Windows Phone 7 only!
  2. Backup all files from your microSD card you need later! Please remember that all files and settings from your Leo will lost due to the flash procedure!
  3. Format your microSD card with FAT32 file system.
    -- In my experience it doesn't matter if you format it via card reader/Windows or via Leo.
  4. Input the microSD card in your Leo.
  5. Connect your Leo via USB with your PC and choose Active Sync on your Leo.
    -- Make sure, that you have access to your Leo/microSD card via Windows Explorer!
  6. Open PSAS with administrative privileges and choose « Hardware Forensics » - « WINCE SD Card Utils ». Click on « Get Serial and Disk ID ».
  7. Notice which Hex-Code is written in the field « SD Card Serial » (CID) by choosing the right size of your microSD card by using the drop-down menu of the « SD Card Serial » field (mostly « Disk ID 07 »).
  8. You now can choose between the following:
    • Very often the CID is 9E000000400000000000020002000000. You can download the goldcard image file for this CID (9E0000004...) here: After download, please rename the file e. g. to "goldcard.img" (dont try to extract the ZIP-file!) and move forward to step 9.
    • If your CID is not 9E000000400000000000020002000000 than you have the choise:
      a) Buy PSAS licence (30 €) and create a goldcard image by yourself
      b) Write a nice private message to me with your CID
  9. After you generate/receive your goldcard.img, in PSAS go to « Hardware Forensics » - « WINCE SD Card Utils » and click on « Get Serial and Disk ID » again. Choose your microSD card and click on « Write Image File ». Now choose your goldcard image and "flash" it on your microSD card.
    -- If you got a message, that its not successful, than close PSAS, disconnect USB from your Leo and connect USB again. Start PSAS (as admin) and try again!
  10. Close PSAS and move forward to the Artemis flash tutorial by user scv:

    Make sure that you insert your microSD card (goldcard) in your Leo during the flash of Stock ROM - at bullet point 4 in user scv tutorial!

Questions and Answers:
  • "Is the goldcard method somehow effecting the device? Will I lose my guaranty if I have to send my HD2 back to repair?"
    -- No, it doesn't alter the phone, it just bypasses the checks (thanks to user samsamuel). If you have to send it to repair, easily install any Stock ROM from your operator.
  • "HSPL can be removed, but is this really 'debranding' or just flashing on a still branded device?"
    -- A goldcard is a microSD card with a special signature in the master boot record, which turns the region check off to flash the HTC device with any ROM. So, the goldcard only temporary disable the region check if the custom microSD card is present in the Leo during upgrade.
  • "Is it neccessary to do task29 anymore?"
    -- Using the goldcard method (flash 3.14 HTC Stock ROM) before the SSPL flash (Artemis v.4x/v.5x/v.6x) is the perfect replacement for task29 as it erases every part of the ROM (tanks to user pcwe and Cuthy).
  • "Must the goldcard always be present in my Leo?"
    -- No, the goldcard have only be inside your Leo during the flash procedere of the original HTC 3.14 Stock ROM.

Hope this tutorial will help some people. If you need further assistance, dont hesitate to post your problems in the forum.
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