Thumbs up [PROGRAM] Odin 1.82 with pit files.

Hi guys & gals.

There are a few references to various Odin versions but there isn't much clarity. Many people have been using Odin3 v1.3 like I was doing before.

There's now Odin 1.7 available which choses the options to selected automatically once you select the needed files (This needs confirmation from others). For example, if I chose a pit file, it automatically selects re-partition option.

I strongly urge people who use this to study various options of Odin itself & become familiar first before trying Odin (Any version).

This is given as is where is basis. Hope this helps.

Some people who used this are saying that it has brought their semi-bricked phone to working. Needs verifying. Can some of the developers here look into this version comparison?

nitr8 has done a whole new UI for Odin 1.7 here

PS : I have also included 512 & 803 pits. I use ONLY 512, god knows why 803 & 513 exist. 803 gives me errors on the first start.
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