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10th November 2010, 11:34 AM |#1  
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Edit: This guide is for EXPERIENCED users ONLY! For less experienced users please check UBERROOT easy full Root, S-OFF, SuperCID AND SIM UNLOCK for DZ/G2/DHD inc Voda .

Remember to always read and research before rooting! Discussion can be found starting on post #101 - #118 ~TheRomMistress


Please be aware that I am not responsible for any bricks etc. This is playing around with the phone internals, so be careful.

To get full write access to the Desire Z, we now have an Engineering HBOOT which was posted by MrPaveL (Thanks for that!).

To get your device to the engineering hboot stage [this is not full radio S-OFF, but 99% of people won't need radio S-OFF], please follow the guide below.

If you want full Radio S-OFF, SuperCID or want to remove the simlock on your phone, please follow this guide on instead. Once you have full Radio S-OFF you can use any Desire Z HBOOT and still have access to flash ROMs etc.

Credit goes out to scotty2, and all of the wonderful folks at #G2ROOT!

Donate to scotty2 (for root): (PayPal)

This guide was derived from the guide for the G2, created by unrevoked512 on Also many thanks to vro25 for improvement suggestions.

You will need the following files:

Step 1
Download and run VISIONary r14
  • Leave everything uncheck and click "temp root" now.
  • Once that's done click "Attempt Permroot Now!"
  • You now have permaroot.

Step 2
Push the files wpthis-Z.ko and hboot_7230_0.84.2000_100908.nb0 to /data/local/

Note: You might want to verify the MD5 sums, particularly for the hboot file, as if your download was corrupted, the file will brick your phone.

Step 3
Open a terminal on your phone, or open an adb shell from your computer.

Step 4
$ su
# insmod /data/local/wpthis-Z.ko
Note: make sure your screen is on before doing this as it will raise a root request on your phone (if you haven't previously granted it) - click ok on your phone to grant root.

It should return:

init_module 'wpthis-Z.ko' failed (Function not implemented)
That is good.

Step 5

That noted, if you would like S-OFF, go ahead and run this command in your terminal.

# dd if=/data/local/hboot_7230_0.84.2000_100908.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
Step 6
I think this is optional, but there are controversial opinions at the moment. In any case it will not hurt to run

# sync
to make absolutely sure everything will be saved.

Now reboot your phone gracefully and check that everything sticks.

Step 7 (optional)
This step is optional, if you want to install Clockwork Recovery.

Download ROM Manager from the market and install Clockwork, telling it that you have an HTC G2 when it asks. It will work without problems on the Desire Z.

Step 8 (optional)

This step is optional if you want to install an overclocked kernel. You might want to do a nandroid backup first, in case you want to go back later (just restore boot).

This overclocked kernel seems to crash the phone after Youtube videos are played in fullscreen. This issue is being investigated, but could take a while to resolve, since HTC hasn't released the actual DZ kernel source...

I have now recompiled the overclocked kernel for the Desire Z (all credit goes again to coolbho3000 for publishing the source!), to get the FM Radio to work as well. To get it to work please follow the guide on, but instead of the zImage posted there (which breaks FM Radio on the Desire Z), get the one from . You still need to use the bcm4329.ko file from the other thread. Also note that this will change your kernel version to (instead of stock). Please blame HTC for not releasing the newest kernel source. In any case I have not spotted any disadvantages...

So far I have not spotted any problems with this kernel, but if you do, let me know.

PS Bacon-bits by cyanogen do not fully work on the DZ. It won't boot with that ramdisk and the lights hack seems to fail as well. It is probably safest to wait for a full CM release, but this guide gets you 90% of bacon-bits.
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