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Please explain
1)what is radios and what is the deal with different radios. What is safe, what is not. What it is for?

They improve your phone signal, bluetooth, wifi and gps inproving the quality and purhapse battery life (in theory)

2)how to create a full backup of your current phone/rom/state and be able to recover it anytime later if you wish...

once you have a custom recovery installed (Clockwork Mod or Amon_Ra) you can do a nandroid backup which is a complete system image that can be restored at a later date.

This is two of the initial concerns that Noobs like me need to know to, Thanks..
answers in the quote
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How to flash a firmware.zip? Thanks Makbil
How to find your product type i.e. M7_U or M7_UL?
Why has my files moved from /data/media to /data/media/0/?
UID Error? - Delete the Quadrant directory from /data/data and/or check /data/system/uiderrors.txt

Camera v5.1.620655 for Modaco.SWITCH - https://copy.com/VD4qKYFHM6F0
Fix for Google+ Locations Grey Map Issue


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