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12th November 2010, 09:00 PM |#2170  
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CHT v2.0.0 final released.

Notes for those upgrading from CHT 2.0 Beta:
First, export your settings with CHTEditor. Then, uninstall the beta CHT and beta CHTE. Soft reset. Then instali the the new version.
If you had CHT cooked in, install over it.

A new version of CHTEditor is also available: CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 final - you must use the final version of CHTEditor with CHT 2.0 final.
You must use the final version of CHTEditor with the final version of CHT.

Notable change: The state and tab link are no longer part of the base CHT cab. They can be downloaded as addons. See post 4 on the first page to download them. If you had the links assigned before in the beta, they will be restored to their previous positions after installing them again.

SMS and email notification links (this includes quick/free links, notification bar icons and lock slider shortcuts) will jump to the widgets if they are available on the home tab. There is an option to disable this for those who don't want it. In any case, is the widgets are not set on the home tab at all the links will jump to the sms/email tabs instead.

Bug fixes: A lot of bugs have been fixed. Of course, no piece of software is truly bug free. There may still be some issues affecting specific devices/ROM/mania version. For a list of known issues keep an eye on the third post on the first page.

Notes for those upgrading from CHT v1.x.x:
CHT version v2.0.0 brings major changes. Most of the mod has been rewritten from the ground up, every line of code has been looked over and optimized for speed. Lots of new features have also been added along with an addon widget framework. Generally the mod is more configurable than ever.
You must uninstall any previous version of CHT and soft reset before installing this one.

A new version of CHTEditor is also available: CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 final - you must use the final version of CHTEditor with CHT 2.0 final.
There is no backward compatibility with versions 1.x.x, so you can't import old CHTE 1.x settings files.
But, future versions will be compatible going forward, so you will be able to import your 2.0.0 settings into any 2.x.x version.

If you're upgrading from v2.0 beta, read this post.

Here are the highlights of what's new in v2.0.0. A full list of changes is very quite large and you should read the user manual to find out all that's possible.
These are just highlights, but I know you'll discover the details by reading the manual and of course while exploring the home tab itself
- left/right sliding pages configurable from 1 to 7 pages (separately configurable for portrait, landscape and lockscreen)
- redesigned softkey area, bottom menu and tab slider (tap and hold the slider button, don't just tap and release)
- quick links can be configured in any row by column layout
- new links that are can be freely moved anywhere on the screen (free links - add from popup menu)
- free links have a slide-to-launch feature on the lockscreen
- more widgets: email, sms, RSS, weather, clocks (digital, flip and analog)
- widgets can be pinned into place and some can be freely resized
- addon widget framework: widgets can be made by anyone and installed as an addon cab

General notes and going forward:
Well, version 2.0 was a huge step and here it finalized. I'm very happy to have been able to bring this to you and I hope that you enjoy it.
Future versions are of course planned and your comments/ideas/requests are always welcome. For the immediate future I plan to make a few new addon widgets.

Changelog since beta:
#v2.0.0 (changes since public beta)
-[new] sms and email notification shortcuts will jump to CHT widgets
-[new] option to disable non-edit mode popup menu (CHTEditor->Widget settings)
-[new] option to make toggle switch turn on bluetooth in discoverable mode (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous) 
-[new] option for original flip clock animation (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous)
-[new/fixed] updated chtstate v1.08g
-[change] tab and state links are no longer part of the base CHT cab - available as addons
-[fixed] phone hardkey not working
-[fixed] tab change bug when only a single home widget page is set
-[fixed] left/right swipe stops working
-[fixed] various quick/free links assignment and move bugs
-[fixed] independent quick links bugs (invisible link presses)
-[fixed] quick links layout bug when setting a lower max row count
-[fixed] quick links disappearing text
-[fixed] sms and email mark read on timeout will only be set if the widget is currently on the screen
-[fixed] sms and email swipe not active on the lockscreen
-[fixed] missed calls notification icon not updating correctly
-[fixed] bugs with "don't repeat multiday appointment" option
-[fixed] WM6.5.x detection method
-[fixed] sms/email popup menu exiting
-[fixed] wallpaper previous/next/random links with very wide walls
-[fixed] widget might disappear after being unpinned
-[fixed] pinning widgets close to or over the edge of the screen
-[fixed] free links size on lockscreen
-[fixed] appointment/tasks list hides independent quick links grid when it should not
-[fixed] add a link page in landscape
-[fixed] wide wallpapers move up after live change
-[dev] custom operator text and foreground layer changes are live (no need for manila restart)
-[dev] updated the setup.dll for addon widgets to add as small install safeguard
-[dev] separated appointment/tasks list and popup menu graphics
-[dev] addon links framework added
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