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Not quite sure I totally understand that forum's page, because even with Google translate, half of it remains Indonesian

Anyway, USSD is working fine here. I guess - like it's said there - you should USSDs from fixed dialling menu (if any).

@pee-wee, are these USSDs there by default (network settings)? Does either Telkomsel or Excelcom prevent them?
yes that forum is indonesian with our usual language anyway, and of course none of translator can do that (its like english slang lang)

the USSDs has already set by default in SIM card, so it will automatically add in fixed dialing, and that will bring problem when accessed, so the only way must deleting from fixed dialing list or from SIM itself

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I had answered the post there too , but still i can't access cusd/ussd command
glad to have indonesian mate here
and the final way is deleting all default list number from SIM card (it will need PIN 2), like cek pulsa, ect
glad too, and if you need more info feel free to join group on my signature, thanks

note: sometimes Telk#msel bring little problem itself, like on android (you know what it is)
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