Default Hulu Tips

The trick for getting Hulu working is to do these things:

1) Use Either Dolphin Browser or SkyFire

2) In the browser, Settings...set User Agent to "Desktop"

3) In Advanced Settings set Plugins to "Always On"(Default is "on demand"))

4) Install either the Adobe flash player hacked apk or hexedit the file yourself. I had issues using the hacked apk, I just hexedited my own on the PC and moved it over. Instruction and hacked apk in first post of this thread:

5) Install AdFree from the marketplace

6) Delete/Rename the Host file in /system/etc (TNT Lite Builds)

7) Start AdFree, it will want to create the Host file. If it exists when you run it, it will hang and not complete the installation.

8) When AdFree comes up there is an option to "Revert" click this button to allow ads, Hulu needs this to work.

9) Reboot to clear the host cache.

10) Turn back on AdFree Host file restrictions if you like after you're done with the Hulu Goodness! Enjoy!