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8th December 2010, 02:29 PM
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[Jun 7][APP] Button savior 2.1 - new immersive/full screen mode
Button Savior is a software button simulation App. You can use it to display a sidebar style panel with most buttons that you can find on your phone such: Back, Task, Home, Menu, Search, Vol, Camera, Call, Power, and Direction Key.

Button Savior V2.1 now get immersive mode/full screen mode support for Kitkat device. If you are running Kitkat and want to temporarily disable bottom navigational bar or want to temporarily go full screen, a click of button in Button Savior can get you that.

If you have a phone with broken hardware keys, or you want to remove the system NAV bar from Nexus devices to expand screen useable size, or you find the hardware keys on your phone are too hard to reach with one hand, or you can find keys at night, then Button Savior is just for you to remedy your pain points.

When I developed Button Savior, I personally didn't believe keys would break. Three years have passed since my first release, I got more and more compliment from users by both email or Playstore comment saying my App saved them from having a phone with broken keys. SO KEYS DO BREAK regardless its capacitive or mechanical type.

[New in V2]
☆ Ability to hide bottom navigational bar by enabling immersive mode
☆ Ability to go full screen by enabling full screen mode
☆ Native Android Holo style UI
☆ Powerful and customizable Pop Control
☆ Direction key support
☆ HD quality graphics
☆ Adjustable swipe trigger area
☆ Android Kitkat support
☆ Add action support to send arbitrary key code
☆ Add action support to open any URL
☆ Add action support to launch any App or shortcut
☆ Add action support to media play back keys


☆ Enable/Disable bottom navigational bar on demand.
☆ Enable/Disable full screen mode on demand.
☆ Pop Control that supports action to perform arbitrary key action, app/shortcut launch, and open any URL
☆ Hover control supported for automatic Software Button visibility control with mouse or Samsung S-Pen
☆ Free floatable trigger icon
☆ Swipe to show Button Savior panel from both sides
☆ Long press on power key to show up reboot menu
☆ Simulates 'Home' 'Back' 'Search' 'Back' 'Recent Task' 'Screen Off' 'Volume', 'Directional Key'
☆ Can set to always open or auto hide based on user customizable timer
☆ Two types of trigger action to choose from (Gesture trigger and Click trigger)
☆ Added Camera key and Call key simulation
☆ Customizable trigger position
☆ Also provides themese to support e-ink display
☆ Can change it to one click mode for super fast button action in option
☆ Can create shortcut action such as call someone or go to bookmark on Call or Camera keys. (With PRO)

[Not Root?]
☆ Home key is supported
☆ Power key is supported
☆ Volume key is supported
☆ Camera key is supported
☆ Call key is supported

[Download Link]
Playstore - Get Button Savior (Root)


[7-Jun-2014 V2.0.1 swkey73.apk] (Will upload later today)
Added immersive mode toggle in pop control
Added full screen mode toggle in pop control
Fixed trigger icon placement when device is in full screen mode
Fixed USB debug message


[6-Jan-2014 V2.0.1 swkey72.apk]
Added a new button to show Pop Control that can perform additional actions


[2-Dec-2013 V1.9.0 swkey69.apk]
Implemented hover control to control visibility of Button Savior with events of hover enter and hover exit on trigger icon, trigger are, and software buttons.


[9-Jul-2013 V1.8.0]
Implemented a feature to show up reboot menu when virtual power key is pressed. Next step is to bring up Google Now on swiping up on home key.


[4-Jul-2013 V1.8.0]
I will now come back to maintain this thread from today. I am now gradually upgrading Button Savior to V2 since last month. Today, I added a long awaited feature, D-Pad support. To use it, just press and hold your finger on D-Pad button and move your finger slightly to the direction you want to go. Its that simple.


[21-Feb-2012 V1.4.0]
I updated main UI to modern Android UI in this version. Also added experimental Kitkat fix. If you are still having problem to use it with kitkat, plea reply to the thread with model of your device. Thank you.


Sorry for not maintaing my thread for such a long time. I just released an update version, V1.3.2, to Market today with new features to show native Android recent task dialog (if you have it in system) on home key long press. So Button Savior now supports ICS and HC much better now.


Thanks to XDA member OMGWTF_BBQ, now Button Savior supports E-INK display properly with newly designed high contract theme. Please refer to this post for more detail [ORIGINAL POST]


I published a similar app like this one but it is for clipboard management in windows office style. Read this post for more detail Everywhere Clip official XDA news

Beside than my new app, I also updated Button Savior today and brought back power off option on non root devices. But it is not yet widely tested on all kind of phones, so not sure it will work. If it doesn't please feedback.

If you want to include your own theme to my app, please send me png files with clicked and unclicked states altogether. I will add screen off button soon. So it is good idea to send me screen off picture too. kiumiu.ca@gmail.com

Thanks xda member, bpk, who contributed his recently announced SWkey source code to public so that I have chance to learn what command shell to use to simulate keys. I only spent a morning to come out this draft but still functional. Hope you guys like it. I will eventually polish it up a bit and publish it on Market. By the way, I want to call this app, Button Savior. haha

If you have used my app, Smart Taskbar, then you should already know how to activate the sidebar style SWkey panel. If you don't, then just look carefully for an Orange circle at the right end of your screen. Click on it to trigger SWKey panel.

I basically used built in shell command 'keyevent input' learned from bpk's key simulation hack with a streamlined version of my Smart Taskbar together to come out this one. Feel free to comment

[Installation] ***** Root required*****
(1) install the apk
(2) When you click any of the 4 buttons first time(except close), you need to grant Button Savior root access. It happens only to your first ever button click.

1. Why menu, search, back don't work on my device?
Ans: Make sure your device is rooted. Make sure your USB debug mode is on. Make sure you have granted superuser right to button savior. After you have done all three steps, reboot your device and restart Button Savior.

Did it ask you for root permissions? If not, go into SuperUser and check to see if the binary is up to date. If it isn't then update it. After that, try to open Button Savior and see if it asks for root permissions. If it doesn't then go into Manage Applications and clear data on this app and try again.

2. Why I can't uninstall Button Savior ? (Shows uninstalled unsuccessful)
Ans: Because you have Enabled screen lock. In order to uninstall, please go to /settings/location and security/device admin/ and remove button savior from the list.
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