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my device is CE 5.0 Core based, and it seems to me I can't get RunAt() working, i.e. the test-script
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doesn't re-run every minute. Have I overseen something? Any help appreciated! TIA
Try this simpler example from the wiki
# Ensure the phone wakes up
#Find path to mortscript.exe
mort = SystemPath("ScriptExe") & "\" & "MortScript.exe"
# This is how the script will know its own name to create the notification by and how the notification will know what script to run
script = """" & SystemPath("ScriptPath") & "\" &  SystemPath("ScriptName") & SystemPath("ScriptExt") & """"
#Removing previous versions by killing any lingering notification
RemoveNotifications(mort, script)
# Something to see that it ran
Message("I'll be back!")
# Set the next notification queue item to run
RunAt( Timestamp()+60, mort, script)
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