Button Savior V1.0.2 is now published to Android Market. If you are using my old build, I think you should be able to upgrade directly from Android Market. If not, just do uninstall and grab the new version from Android Market.

If you want to include your own theme to my app, please send me png files with clicked and unclicked states altogether. I will add screen off button soon. So it is good idea to send me screen off picture too. kiumiu.ca@gmail.com

V1.0.2 2010-12-15 SWKey3.apk
(1) Added new visual (provided from XDA member stefen)
(2) Added app icon.png
(3) Added Trigger side preferences
(4) Added Long click preferences
(5) Added Vibration toggle preference
(6) Added Auto Hide preference
(7) Added What's new
(8) Added More Apps
(9) Added button clicked highlight
(10) Changed Panel style to transparent
(11) Added auto start on boot
(12) Added popup dialog advising user to enable USB Debugging when it is disabled.