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21st December 2010, 05:08 PM |#2  
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Builds 20110116-1 and newer are EBI0/EBI1/2708+ auto kernel, Flash and the rom will install the correct kernel
Builds 20110107-1 and older are 2708+ kernel only
  • 20111204-1:
    (md5: 2ae9f618b0650c98b9621b37ad7e8596)
    Note: Release v1.0 (stable): clean resync with, Fix Japanese IME force quit, Update timezone data (removal of DST from the Moscow Time Zone), add libpico fix to build (fix text to speech force quit), Add Russian dictionary to keyboard, Fix SuperUser lock down to properly allow unmodified apk to be locked down, and cleanly allow update/elite install, update Superuser.apk, Force Quite fix on entering About Phone with no keyboard installed, some translations via AndDiSa, add new Cpu Speed settings to EzGb extras (note you will want to disable this if you wish to continue using 3rd party overclocking apps).
  • 20111107-1:
    (md5: f57ebc7ccd0819e0536407d066f02c6b)
    Note: Gamma release (beta+1): Kernel update to v1.5.2 w/ patches for time skew, updates to android 2.3.7, wifi lease fix, add pt_BR to language set, various framework patches fixes speedups from CM7, KSM (Kernel SamePage Merging) support to dalvik-vm with supporting kernels (eg: ezgb-2636) MMS Time display and MDPI icon from CM7, compress xbin and move various libs to a compressed xlib, compact (pngcrush + zip -9 resources.arsc) apks, superuser 3.0.6, Odex framework (shrinks the framework jars, and moves the framework dalvik-cache into system) EzGbExtras also now has options for KSM, Incoming Call TouchUI CompCache chooser, ntpd background service for better time sync. Security fixes based off digitalgardian certs, Settings no long has compcache (moved to EzGb Extras)
    Edit 20111110:PICO Fix (ie: text to speech for navigation)
  • 20110828-1:
    (md5: 0161b47d36ce3ae24b85907fe19fe4ca)
    Note: Kernel update to v1.5.1, Android update to 2.3.5, Pan networking from CM7 (allows bluetooth tethering without extra software, just link the devices and use tether to your phone) Gallery 3d: CM7 patches for MT zoom bug and MDPI patches, Phone: CM patches for 2g/3g power widgets toggle, framework updates thanks to AndDiSa/ADS Magpie, "Disk" (MTD) io enhancements, wifi renew logic described starting here; auto custom MTD via bootcmdutil (no need to flash boot patcher anymore) , some translation updates. Faster boot time patch from Firerat
    Please read the security notice here regarding ca certs and DigiNotar
  • 20110716-1:
    (md5: 8c3293e26b6aef25851a9ce5c53fc81b)
    Note: Kernel update to v1.5 (as previously released here, USB Accessory support working, update to minfree levels, improvements to services, statusbar power widgets (configure in Settigns->EzGingerbread Extras) Spare parts replaced with EzGb Extras, GPS improvements, HW3D settings improvements, please note gapps package 20110709 is recommended (however 20110508b should still work)
  • 20110626-1:
    (md5: d03a960c90b80eb077a1fe46581cc759)
    Note: Kernel update to v1.4 (as released last week in the stand alone version, Fix out of space install bug when user had no sd-ext partition or sd-ext disabled, add option in Settings->Applications->Development to allow superuser updates until subsequent reboot, fix an outstanding reboot menu bug, superuser, and stability updates.
  • 20110605-1:
    (md5: fc2a33cad7affe4cf656067118eecfcb)
    Note: Kernel update (Wifi disabled drain solved with hack, MMC temp log in ram for 30s after SMS details, Surface Dithering option added to Display settings, French translations, Update to services. Attention if you have long stalls after update/clean install run fix permissions [logcat shows CPU pegged], also its highly recommended to clear dalvik cache on the install of this rom.
  • 20110529-1: (md5: 50fba2c5adabe0f83a4e4b9616680ba1)
    Note: BETA!!!! Features magpie, to enable you first need to allow sd-ext to be mounted Settings->Applications->Development->Attempt to mount sd-ext.. Other features: Data 2 sd bind mount, touch screen edge bugfix, and some other bug fixes including many for better memory maintenance. Available on rom manger including options for gapps, zeam launcher and small older stable facebook [manual links below]
  • 20110509-1: (md5: e22dd434aa41cbdd744893951b12e5bc)
    Note: Security updates, preventing Settings and Superuser apps to have another app using their keys on /data (this prevents a non-system app from having access to all your settings, or able to give its self root privileges), in addition I've changed the platform key, Kernel updates, swipe notification now visually swipes away (thanks to update in CyanogenMod), some settings tweaks, and minor bug fixes. Starting this version you must use GAPPS: 20110508b due to the new Platform key in use.
  • 20110502-CheckPoint: (md5: 5c0969ebf1209922add7a1e357d969ca)
    Note: A re-sync with aosp to fix various bugs in the sync on 2011-05-01, APN now can be created w/o error [new IPV4/IPV6 protocol caused the confusion] various other projects got updates in AOSP as well synced into this build (additional CheckPoint build info here) ATTENTION: kernel update possible fix to camera and other crashes here for use with 20110425-1 and newer
  • 20110501-CheckPoint: (md5: d5a3765001f6fa69321bcffb642ce516)
    Note: Checkpoint of the android-2.3.4 initial release. Updated to head of Gingerbread branch and the 2.3.4 release. Also renamed typo CompCache script and lowered 32b default CompCache to 8MB, 32a remains disabled by default. (build info here)
  • 20110425-1: (md5: d69b689e4aeb12335c6e67123abf20fd)
    Note: New kernel / Built in zram compcache (default enabled on 32b, disabled on 32a) settable in Settings->Applications->CompCache; {requires kernel with built in zram module} / new lowmemorykiller min free and Home App memory levels for hopefully better memory use.
  • 20110308-1: (md5: bf0f6a922b3afd5c9faa15333b1e32f5)
    Note: Update to android 2.3.3, add in white-listed unrestricted packages (fixes Facebook sync), Add build.trout to make dream not identify as sapphire, make sound recorder visible in launcher (was always included), include file manager (CM's version), allow download of all file types.
  • 20110304-CheckPoint: (md5: 715eba3cf37270a5ff3456c9e5c04563)
    Note: Checkpoint of the android-2.3.2 ezGingerbread build; all future builds will be 2.3.3 See checkpoint information here
  • 20110208-1: (md5: 2211d8f9a1f8071b28734999d4908f3a)
    Note: Added CM7 dictionaries to LatinIME (word auto completion), added pl_PL bringing supported locales to: en_US en_GB fr_FR it_IT de_DE es_ES ja_JP es_US ko_KR pl_PL pt_PT ru_RU zh_TW zh_CN (let me know if you have font issues), updated LatinIME touch logic, fix_permissions, enhanced blend/blur transforms to libsurfaceflinger.
  • 20110129-1: (md5: 87d74801b43fb97740799bacd8adccc7)
    Note: Various patch sets from Cyanogen Mod 7: Javascript engine switched to V8, armv6j JIT and processor support (was previously v5), swipe to dismiss individual notification, some webkit and skia patches.. the combo of these among other things fixes gmail; Also pushed in this build to su from ChainsDD, build env updates (32bit builders, try a clean environment); some additional graphic speed enhancements.
  • 20110122-1: (md5: 74c081f42cb25cef79b5c6077866a239)
    Note: some graphics framework updates, Superuser.apk, Fonts.sqf + fallback fonts (from issue 3), LiveWallpaper picker, busybox sh in use for all sh needs, super tiny toolkit.. and some small fixes. (For a terminal get one you like from market or elsewhere .. I just use connection bot for both local and remote)
  • 20110117-1: (md5: b6aa8732517f52565efac3d9febe0f5c)
    Notes: GPS working, cleanup camera shim, update opengls and agl framework (video) details, builders please delete and regenerate your vendor/htc/sapphire directory (extract-files or unzip-files)
  • 20110116-1: (md5: aef05eef5e7be24e46d2f6cc70218c63)
    Notes: Auto kernel (EBI1/EBI0/2708) using ez-exp20110109-cm binaries, Audio hack (corrects AudioPara4.csv on flash, gziped versions of all profiles in /system/etc/.audio/) SpareParts included, run-parts, fix modprobe (had wrong path for modules), modules.sqf
  • 20110107-1: (md5: 3f0cc16aac87a8ebc3f8c9aa3c11a3fe)
    Notes: Updated proprietary files, video decoder now working in gallery3d, update internet calling permissions, fix a bug with restart menu.
  • 20110103-1: (md5: b81545dcbd5ae0f2da388d77aa3b5997)
    Notes: fixed video recording thanks to CM framework patches (playback still fails), reboot power menu option thanks to CM, gsensor thanks to havlenapetr. Current Languages: en_US en_GB fr_FR it_IT de_DE es_ES ja_JP
  • 20101222-1: (md5: e16ac0bcfbf6c6e163410a3ded97fb8a)
    Notes: first build released, kernel is my 2708+ port of the cm 285 nightly kernel, overall drawing speed increased.
  • 20101219-1: (md5: bef700cf0e04de003788365de469dd49)
    Notes: first build released, kernel is my 20101106, better results with CM nightly or pershoot kernels however.

Additional non-open addons that may be useful

Zeam Launcher By cloakt(replacing Launcher2 on system, also reduced to MDPI only): 6416ec0efa15f92f3d36f6ec6b524a11) [updated june 26th, 2011]

The packages above include support for: de, en, es, fr, it, ja, ko, pl, pt, ru, zh and are recommended for most users

If however your preferred language is not listed above, this LANG PACK 1 will replace the above languages with support for:
bg, cs, da, el, fi, hu, nl, sk, sr, sv, tl, tr, uk

Please download the version matching the ROM you are installing (see: adtl. details)
Mobile Data GPRS Tool:

A tool to update GPRS settings form gprsclass=10 to gprsclass=12 (also enables dtm)

Most users will experience better mobile network rates if they flash and choose yes, however if you run into problems simple re-flash choosing no to revert to the ezGingerbread defaults,
This tool will likely work on most Dream/Sapphire roms, however as always best to make a backup first
(md5: fa259735ca394a650710e6b26673c91a)

GAPPS: 20110709 (Please note if you are using 20110502-CheckPoint or an older build you must use gapps 20110205) (mirror)(mirror 2 -- dead)
MD5: 6f9a6d27cce1f58be1f34f696212d326
Cleaner 2.3.4 gapps package, recommended over 20110508b. Restore from Google corrected in this package, Talk2 has been replaced with the original talk app due to incompatibilities with voice/audio chat. However you may manually install it if you wish to use the newer interface w/o the newer features. While not 100% support of all languages, core apps support more languages in this package. Mirror thanks to SilentTweak.

GAPPS: 20110508b (Please note if you are using 20110502-CheckPoint or an older build you must use gapps 20110205)
MD5: 475fbf654977af73f30e509cb4adb21c
Also see information about Talk

Previous GAPPS: 20110205 (mirror)
md5: 70ddd820738b902d9b9f9b109e8fad5a

Note do not install both 20110508 and 20110205

MDPI Facebook App: [] (outdated)
md5: 17cb43e88f42cdf513f2c7c960347f21
v1.6.4 is newer w/o some of the newest memory eating services get the apk from:

For additional gapps:
1) Log into your Google account
2) tap gtalk to make sure its running
3) install the gapps you want from market (some common ones):
You Tube
Voice Search
Google Translate

*Maps and Streetview may also be grabbed from market; however Maps v5.* appears to be very resource intensive and overwhelms our poor devices; therefore I recommend either installing MapQuest; and/or an older version of GoogleMaps example extracted from froyo gapp pacakges. This will provide a much better gingerbread experience both while running maps and while not running maps.

Brut Maps based on Maps v4.6
Google Maps 4.7 (mirror) MD5: b8c558351949be97eb8703d1f4a05807 (download/place on SD card and install with File Manager)

Apps2Ext: (Included in 20110529-1 onwards)
This enabled in Settings->Applications->Development->SD-EXT

Sim Toolkit:

A friendly reminder... One hopes users of this thread know how to wipe their device .. and if they fail how to see they missed something in logcat.. but if not Super Wipe because regardless of subsequent errors all of these do boot to the Launcher.

Other uses are free to post custom builds in the thread for reference and testing.
Note however all of the above builds were cleanly made from the repo without modification. (ie. you are getting the file produced by the build system)

For full credits check github; Many peoples hard work (particularly that of the CyanogemMod's team make this rom possible)
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