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Goal: S-off HOX (TEGRA3)

20th December 2012, 12:46 PM |#1  
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Hey guys, as i said above, i want to get the HOX+ S-off'd (and maybe the HOX if it's not already, not checked) if anyone has idea's and so on, run through on this thread lets get this ball rolling!!

Moderator Warning

Keep discussions speisifc to the goal of getting S-off on the device. All other discussions will be deleted.
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20th December 2012, 02:04 PM |#2  
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IHTC One X+ Infos will be adapted to this as soon as possible.

Names for the devices are:

Model ID: PM35110
Model Name: S728e
aka One X+

Model ID: PJ46100 aka
Model Name: S720e
aka One X

So as the title says, we're facing the problem of not having S-OFF yet, although the One X (S720e) has been released nine months ago. The One X+ is newer but since it has the same processor family, it's accountable to this project. It's possible to unlock the bootloader via HTCdev but it doesn't gives us S-OFF. The Unlock via HTCdev gives us only partially control over Bootloader and Recovery. Since it's release date, some great Devs including Xmoo, Football, Mike1986 and more tried to disable the security check. Unfortunatly without a solution for the masses. Also the One X+ (S728e) is relatively new on the market, so THIS is maybe the first thread in the world regarding S-OFF on the S728e Unlike on other HTC phones, on which hardware solutions like the XTC-Clip, or software solutions like revolutionary or any similar software did the job, on the One X they're not going to work. At the moment the only known method is the official HTC's way.

Ways to set the devices S-OFF

--------------DIAG + JAVCARD Route--------------

Infos I could gather. At the moment these infos are only valid for the S720e:

Originally Posted by monx®

Basically u need adb/android SDK before proceed.

[+] Dump/copy boot.img

Command prompt :
> adb shell
> su
> dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4 of=/sdcard/boot.img
More partition/img availabe to dump. Will update later.

Currently only /system is usable

1) Android SDK (just need adb)
2) Download busybox
3) Command prompt :
> adb push busybox /data/local/busybox
> adb shell
> cd /sdcard/
> chmod 755 /data/local/busybox
> /data/local/busybox tar cvf sysdump.tar /system
4) Ignore tar: error exit delayed from previous errors'. Is done correctly.


Just finished dumped my semi-virgin One X system partition from SEA WWE stock ROM .
The file would be 558.3 MB

Radio (The Radiomodule on S720e is an Intel X-Gold 626 chip [XMM6260]) location (xmoo's post Radio) Documentation of the Radio chip and direct download:
Originally Posted by xmoo;

Mike found out Radio is probably: \system\etc\QUO_6260.fls.clean

Commands located in QUO_6260.fls.clean

If I could believe the following:
Found the same commands in a datasheet: "MSM3000Qualcomm, Inc.MOBILE STATION MODEM"

So guess we got the Radio located!

Possible Hboot location (blubber's post Hboot):
Originally Posted by blubber;

Originally Posted by xmoo;

How do you know this?

/EBT does not excist on my phone.

mmcblk0p2 -> /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/WDM
mmcblk0p16 -> /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/DUM
mmcblk0p17 -> /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/MSC
mmcblk0p20 -> /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/PDT

of course it does not exist as i have written a few times before!
it is not accessible with a stock kernel!

i know it is there:

130|root@android:/ # hexdump -C /dev/block/mmcblk0|grep EBT                    
000000e0  03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  04 00 00 00 45 42 54 00  |............EBT.|
and the EBT partition does contain the bootloader!

CID Check needs to be bypassed (xmoo's post CID check)
Originally Posted by xmoo

Guys, the diag files have "CIDNUM: 11111111" in it.
Can't change it cause the file gets corrupted.
So only way to boot it up is by passing the CID check.

This is were the Smartcard or Goldcard comes in.
We tried the one from with no success.
I remember for some devices you had to change 00 to 11, or something like that.
Maybe this has to be done for this device aswell. Also I remember something that SDHC cards were not supported, or they are... been a long time ago.
So your help is need.

Create a goldcard which works.

Remember to test it like this:

Thank you.

Partiton list (Football's post Partition list)
Originally Posted by Football

After intensive digging in some stuff I have found this. This is whole partition list for One X with all addresses and lengths of partitions...





[partition] (Board Information)


### WLAN firmware ###

### WLAN Data + MFG Data ###

### Radio Calibration Data ###

### Linux Kernel OS ###

### Recovery ###

### PG1FS ###

### PG2FS ###

### PG3FS ###

### Software Info ###

### Splash1 ###

### Reserve1 ###

### System ###

### Cache ###

### Internal SD ###

### Userdata ###

### Memory dump ###

### MISC Partition ###

### Radio File System ###

### Develop Log ###

### PDATA for MASD ###


Mike1986's Partition Info (mike1986's post One X Partition Info)
Originally Posted by mike1986.

This thread's content might brick your device.
This is not a ROM thread, so I'm not going to answer again and again and again the same questions over and over and over again.
You can't read - quit this thread now. You can read but you can't understand more or less simple things - quit as well.
You can read and you understand things, but you are too lazy to read the whole thread before asking the question - watch this first. And quit.

This is what we know so far:

Some conclusions:

1. It's very nice to see that finally someone separated "internal sd card" from userdata partition. So it's no longer linked to /data/media, as it used to be on Asus Transformer, Transformer Prime, Galaxy Nexus etc. but it's a separate partition now - mmcblk0p14. Basically the biggest benefit from that is that now formatting userdata partition will no longer erase virtual sd card content.
2. It seems that NFC and WLAN deep settings are stored on separate partitions: mmcblk0p1 (wlan) and ? (NFC).
3. There is a 5th PHYSICAL core, but it's invisible to the system. Android only sees the 4 main cores. The 5th companion core is not controlled by Android. Tegra 3 architecture itself handles the load balancing between the main cores and the companion core. (Thanks to Diamondback)
4. There is no radio.img in current RUUs.

Download firmware for HTC One X (PJ4610000)

Firmware from 1.28.401.9 RUU
--- MD5 checksum: 83375DF988C86E92417AA8949012A1C2 * ---

Supported devices:
--- CID's added by users requests are marked with green color ---
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__J15
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__016
cidnum: HTC__M27

Why it's better then full RUU:

1. It doesn't contain stock recovery
2. It doesn't contain stock, non rooted system
3. It doesn't contain secured boot.img
4. It wont wipe your data partition
5. It's much smaller content: [UPDATE: 25.03.2012]

android-info.txt - updated [20.04.2012]
bct.img - updated [25.03.2012]
rcdata.img - updated [20.04.2012]

How to flash:

1. Check your CID using fastboot getvar cid and MID using fastboot getvar mid
2a. If your CID and MID are supported by default, navigate to point 3.
2b. If your CID or MID is not supported by default, do this: (you do it at your own risk)
2c. Open (don't extract it)
2d. Open android-info.txt in text editor
2e. Add your cidnum: or modelid: to the list, save file and close archive
3. Place on your SD card
4. Boot your device holding power button + vol down button
5. Follow instructions on the screen

Additional information:

1. Flash above firmware at your own risk!
2. It's recommended to flash it before flashing custom ROM based on proper RUU!
3. Unlocking via will change your CID number into "none".

4. RUU variants:
x.xx.61.x - Orange UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.75.x - Orange ES (Spain)
x.xx.110.x - T-Mobile UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.111.x - T-Mobile DE (Germany)
x.xx.112.x - T-Mobile AT (Austria)
x.xx.114.x - T-Mobile NL (Netherlands)
x.xx.118.x - T-Mobile PL (Poland)
x.xx.161.x - Vodafone UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.166.x - Vodafone CH-DE (Switzerland - Germany)
x.xx.163.x - Vodafone FR (France)
x.xx.169.x - Vodafone AT (Austria)
x.xx.206.x - O2 UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.207.x - O2 DE (Germany)
x.xx.401.x - World Wide English
x.xx.707.x - Asia WWE (World Wide English)
x.xx.720.x - Asia India
x.xx.771.x - Hutchison 3G UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.862.x - Voda-Hutch AU (Australia)
x.xx.980.x - Optus AU (Australia)
x.xx.1400.x - HTC China

Please post here your findings, thoughts or experience with after flashing images listed above.

Mike1986's addition (mike1986's post Addition)
Originally Posted by mike1986

Something more:







Line 55: /system/bin/InjectionTool -i ${backup_dir}/QUO_6260.fls.clean -o ${Injected_dir}/QUO_6260.fls -n ${work_dir} -s ${sec_dir}
Line 55: /system/bin/InjectionTool -i ${backup_dir}/QUO_6260.fls.clean -o ${Injected_dir}/QUO_6260.fls -n ${work_dir} -s ${sec_dir}




Line 50: /system/bin/InjectionTool -i ${backup_dir}/QUO_6260.fls.clean -o ${Injected_dir}/QUO_6260.fls -n ${work_dir} -s ${sec_dir}
Line 50: /system/bin/InjectionTool -i ${backup_dir}/QUO_6260.fls.clean -o ${Injected_dir}/QUO_6260.fls -n ${work_dir} -s ${sec_dir}

And from flash_loader.log


Start downloading item 'CODE:../HW/XMM6260_V2_USB-HSIC_FLASHLESS_EDE_1.0/MODEM_DEBUG/QUO_6260.fls'' from file '/data/modem_work/QUO_6260.fls

This is how HTC does it:

My attempt (tried also on locked bootloader with the same output)

Things you'll need for this trick:

- USB OTG-Y-Cable. You can also build your own with this guide : How to make external powered OTG Cable
- USB SD Cardreader
- MicroSD Javacard (if you can bypass cid check, the Javacard is not needed) Xmoo said this one is used by HTC: GO-Trust® Secure microSD Java. It costs 980 US Dollars together with the SDK. Also, even if you have the Javacard you have to build the Application environment.
- 5V+ Power supply (Standard wall charger)
- clean S58 Data program specificly for the S720E/S728e. The correct DIAG has tot have a size of 964kb or 941kb and must contain the string "clean s58..." which can be checked with hexedit or any similar hex editor.

The procedure:

1. Put on the Secure MicroSD Javacard
2. Plug it into the USB SD Cardreader
3. Plug the Cardreader into the female end of USB OTG-Y-Cable
4. Plug the OTG-Y-Cable into the USB port of the phone
5. Plug the cable onto the power supply
6. Reboot into bootloader
7. Once in Bootloader the file will be load by the phone and you'll land in S58 Menu. Clean S58 Data and you've successfully set your device S-Off

And here's the problem with this method. 1. A Javacard is really hard to get. I've never saw one, no one I know has ever saw one 2. The Diag file can't be leaked. The ones I've attached here are useless as Xmoo said and maybe proved. I have attached them though. So anyone interested and willing to help can investigate them.

As we know, the Diag file's for the One X can't be leaked. They're spread to choosen HTC-Repair centres, so a leak will easily be traced back. This would bring the affected people in some serious trouble. But this is interesting. These guys over on pdacentre use the official method. It's suspicious, kind of. For now, this is the only know method. It cost's around 2000 rubel (65€ | 85$) + shipping depending on your location. Of course this isn't an appropriate solution. Another thing; Why do we need a Javacard? Well, because the DIAG files will only work on devices with SuperCID (11111111) not on normal CID (HTC__XXX). So another way is to bypass the CID check.

Rough diagram of a Javacard

Copyright © 2011 GOTrust Technology Inc., All rights reserved.

The DIAG files I've linke don't have any function except from superwipe. They're only meant to be used as a test file to check if we can load such DIAG files.:
How do I know that I have the correct DIAG file? ;
The clean DIAG has a size of 964kb or 941kb. Or look at the image above. If your DIAG is called like them it could be the correct one also. But to be really sure, do the following;
Download any HEXeditor you can get. Open the DIAG file with the HEXeditor and search for keywords like "clean", "s58", . If you find these two strings in the DIAG file, it could be the correct one. We'd appreciate it if you could upload the file.

"clean s58"

Known and working DIAG files for the One X

What's already been done:

Originally Posted by xmoo;

13-04-2012 XDA.CN releases pictures showing someone succesfully has S-OFF'd his device. Tool is for sale here:
17-04-2012 Thread made.
17-04-2012 We have found someone with a S-OFF device, and a newer HBOOT than the one from XDA.CN. Trying to get access to the HBOOT.
18-04-2012 OTA 1.28 brings HBOOT 0.94.
18-04-2012 New member with a S-OFF device is willing to help.

19-04-2012 HBOOT 0.43 S-OFF rfs.img received and uploaded.
19-04-2012 RFS.img is not the correct file, searching continues...
19-04-2012 Radio located, click here
26-04-2012 HBOOT probably located here
15-05-2012 NVFlash app + APX Drivers added
12-06-2012 Tegra 3 Manual added, see here!
16-06-2012 HBOOT 1.11 from the test-keys uploaded here!
16-06-2012 Huge development, read more about it!
18-06-2012 Need to find a way to by-pass CID check.
19-06-2012 Football Partition list for One X with all addresses and lengths of partitions which can be found here.
27-06-2012 Huhge thread clean-up and update.
04-07-2012 Had the chance to play with a S-OFF device, read more about it here! ENG HBOOT which is used in test, is located here.
09-07-2012 Javacard with DIAG will work, but won't be a good solution cause no one got a legit Javacard and the DIAG files can't be leaked!
14-07-2012 Video added which shows the Javacard with DIAG method. Video can be found here.
14-07-2012 The ENG HBOOT 0.03 that Football uploaded lost it's sign. I re-uploaded it and re-checked the file and it should be good now. You can find the new .zip here.

What is S-OFF?
S-OFF stands for Security-OFF
S-OFF means that the NAND portion of the device is unlocked and can be written to. The default setting for HTC’s devices is S-ON, which means that neither can you access certain areas of the system nor can you guarantee a permanent root. Furthermore, signature check for firmware images is also ensured by the S-ON flag.

What has already been done?
-Tried flashing DIAG file, but with no success. File needs SuperCID.
-Tried flashing ENG HBOOT as zip file, but with no success. File needs SuperCID.
-Tried flashing modified DIAG file, but with no success. File needs SuperCID.
-Tried flashing modified HBOOT as zip file, but with no success. Signature check failed.
-Tried creating a Goldcard, but won't work. The Goldcare is for Qualcomm devices.
-Root while phone is LOCKED, won't work. Only will work on the Qualcomm One X and One XL.
-Ask the Chineese guy with the S-OFF tool. Won't share, cause he needs his money.
-Tried flashing files over recovery, but with no success.
-Tried flashing TETS and MFG ROMs, but with no success. Phone needs S-OFF because the ROMS are not sighned.
-Tried changing CID, but won't work. Only will work on the Qualcomm One X and One XL.
-Tried commands over ADB, but with no success.
-Tried XTC clip, won't work.

How Do I Know If My Device Is S-ON Or S-OFF?
That is easy to verify. Simply boot into HBOOT (bootloader) on your device, and the text on top will show the flag status as either S-OFF or S-ON. A full root generally means S-OFF.

S-OFF – What And Why?
HTC have installed a sort of security check whose level is determined by S-OFF/S-ON. Essentially, this security level is a flag stored on the device’s radio that checks signature images for any firmware before it is allowed to be written to system memory. This hinders using any custom ROMs, splash images, recovery etc., and also restricts access to the NAND flash memory. However, when security level is set to S-OFF, the signature check is bypassed, allowing a user to upload custom firmware images, unsigned boot, recovery, splash and HBOOT images, as well as official firmware that has been modified, this enabling maximum customization of your HTC Android device.

Furthermore, S-OFF also reduces restrictions on accessing the NAND flash memory on the device, allowing all partitions (including /system) to be mounted in write mode while the operating system is booted.

Where is it located?
Don't know yet, here are the partitions.

How can I flash through SD?
Tutorial added here!

What HBOOT status have we seen so far?

Partition list for One X with all addresses and lengths of partitions
Football share the full list which can be found here.

How does HTC do it?
They do it with a smartcard/javacard/goldcard (What ever you want to call it) in combination with the DIAG file. Proof is in the attachment.

--------------Alternative APX MODE Route--------------

Originally Posted by xmoo

Hey guys,

Please stop PM'ing me about APX Mode. I get like 10 PM's a day.

How to get in
Nobody really knows. The most common way has been pressing volume up and down together while device is off and then plugin USB while connected to a computer.

How to get out
When your device is in APX Mode, HTC fixes it in repair. Someone here on XDA PM'd me with this video and said it should work:
I have not tried it myself, so just give it a try and share with the rest.

All the other discussions about APX can be done here, please stop pm'ing me.
Thank you!

Alright Folks! TripNRaVer has made something rudimentary, awesome, fascinating...words can't describe....Work!! Here You go, APX DRIVERS FOR THE ONE X

Originally Posted by TripNRaVeR

For those of you that are in APX Mode or want to mess with APX here is the modified driver for the One X.

Now you have acces to the device again through USB.

- Plug the usb cable in hox
- Goto device manager
- Search for APX or Unknown device or whatever it is listed
- Choose update driver
- Choose manually select driver
- Select the folder where you extracted the zip file
- Install drivers

Use nvflash to gain acces to the device again.


- Use nvflash binary to gain acces to the device
- Including flash.cfg for endeavoru to use with nvflash.exe
- Including a bct file

PLEASE read on the threads I've linked, before you start discussion. People really did some great development.
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20th December 2012, 03:03 PM |#3  
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My HOX Will be S-OFF soon, got acces to a Java white card to S-OFF in seconds..

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20th December 2012, 03:08 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by bobcoenen

My HOX Will be S-OFF soon, got acces to a Java white card to S-OFF in seconds..

Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app

Well, do you have the correct diag file? And do you have HTC's private key to sign the Javacard? You have to be more specific otherwise your post isn't helping us in ANY way...I accidentally hit the thx button, don't be smug.
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20th December 2012, 06:50 PM |#5  
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Yes my friend has the diag file, his HOX is already S-OFF. I will try to post a screenshot next week when mine is done. I'm not trying to be smug

Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app

---------- Post added at 07:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 PM ----------

The S-OFF process is done with a y-cable with a card reader an usb charger on the other end. For what i understood the java card is very rare.

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20th December 2012, 08:48 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by matt95

well, i've been on HTC since i passed on Android and every HTC device has got S-OFFed 2 or 3 months later from the day one... i don't think this will happen unfortunately, i really believed in this but now is time to be realist.

You know that there's NO hard-, software which isn't vulnearable or which hasn't got an exploit, don't you? No need to be pessimistic or realistic if we keep staying constructive and productive, somehow this will be done call me a dreamer, but... let's just try to give our best, ok? This would be fine. I just think the One X hasn't got the attention it has actually deserved. Its release date was too close to the release of the gs3. HTC's great devs are mostly familiar with Qualcomm processors. Never before they've worked with a Tegra 3 processor. The available Tegra 3 devices (Asus TFXXX[T]) don't have the problem with S-Off/On, it's enough for them to be unlocked. So none of the devs who managed bootloader unlock on this Tegra devices faced this problem. This and many other avoidable reasons caused the lack of development and it's surely one of the reasons why we didn't got s-off yet.
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21st December 2012, 07:22 AM |#7  
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I have just cleaned the thread up NO MORE off topic!

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8th January 2013, 05:40 PM |#8  
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ok.... i know we already established the PJ40 diag is not the s-off one but,
a quick check showed the PJ40 diag is no more than a diag we already have,
its actually is the same as the 1st diag in the 2nd post (of nitrous²) on the 1st page...
just that the zip size is different due to resize or the removal of android-info.txt
so whatever that does, this does
21st December 2012, 08:23 AM |#9  
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After a free way so people dont need to send they're phones anywhere

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22nd December 2012, 01:17 AM |#10  
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Question S-OFF via hboot upgrade

I found is an article HERE for S-OFF via HBOOT upgrade. I don't have a CID HTC_621 (taiwan) so I can't try it. Neither I can verify its reliability.

I briefly translate it into english:

My One X (CID HTC_621, hboot 0.94 or 0.95 can't remember the exact version) hboot has to be upgraded to flash Android 4.1.1 so I did a manual upgrade of hboot to 1.31. At the end of the upgrade, I discovered by chance that my One X is now S-OFF. I did a trial by flashing new ROM without flashing boot.img and it works.

So, this S-OFF is done via manual hboot upgrade (for HTC_621) to 1.31. Do not attempt on other CID One X.

Below is the step-by-step procedures:
1. Download RUU for Asia_Taiwan (2.17.709.2 or 2.18.709.x) and Endeavoru_CustomRUU. Make sure One X is locked, go into fastboot and connect to USB. Unzip the Endeavoru_CustomRUU to somewhere. Rename the Official RUU zip to "" and put inside the folder of the unzipped Endeavoru_CustomRUU. Run ARUWizard.exe.
2. Make sure the following is run in Windows XP. You will stuck under Windows 7. Make sure all HTC drivers are installed.
3. Download JBFW here and Asia_Taiwan 3.14 OTA here. Unzip the JBFW and the OTA package. Copy the (from OTA package) and the Unlock_code.bin (obtained from into the JBFW folder.
4. Go into fastboot usb mode, run JBFWFlasher.bat. It will say to put the Unlock_code.bin and custom boot file into the folder (this was done in Step 3 above), and warn this is for certain CID only. I ignore this and click NEXT NEXT NEXT until it is done.
These are the steps I used to obtain (unexpectedly) S-OFF. This is what I want to share and hope you guys get S-OFF soon.

TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the author or me will be responsible for your device.
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