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[ROM] [MOAR] [MD4] v6.0 / CrazyModz / On the Fly Theme / Moved on to 4.3 [11.02.13]

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Default [ROM] [MOAR] [MD4] v6.0 / CrazyModz / On the Fly Theme / Moved on to 4.3 [11.02.13]

// Proudly Presents //

// [M]other [O]f [A]ll [R]oms ..aka.. MOAR //
// This has been a collaborative effort with Naddict and EMSpilot / Be sure to THANK them //
// Take control of your phone //





// MOAR v6.0 [MD4 / 4.1.2] [09.28.13]
** Uncheck "Force GPU Rendering" in 'Settings-> Developer Options' if enabled, for best performance
** Recommended / Settings -> Developer Options -> Animations set to .5

Changelog v6.0 : 09/28/2013
  • Added Morphology option to Settings. On the fly color changes (ANY COLOR) for 23 different items!!
  • Added a ton more mods to Mod Control. 29 options in this menu now!!
  • Custom carrier text option now in Mod Control. Enter whatever you want!
  • Now enable scrolling wallpaper and rotation from Mod Control for TouchWiz launchers
  • Added left side statusbar clock
  • Fixed the brightness slider toggle once and for all
  • Update all apps including Xposed Installer and Pie Control to latest versions
  • Rearranged settings a bit MOAR
  • Added music control to customize the volume rocker functions and response delay. Thanks @loserskater for the awesome mod!
  • Fixed the overlapping icons with so they don't go under the clock anymore
  • Enabled landscape split screen and group messaging in SecMms (both with toggle)
  • Further optimized some MOAR code in SystemUI and android.policy.jar
  • Additional csc edits to unlock MOAR features
  • Fixed and disabled the menu key from unlocking the phone w/ all lockscreens
  • Allow all rotations w/ toggle from Mod Control
  • Enable lockscreen rotation w/toggle from Mod Control
  • Show/Hide statusbar on lockscreen / Toggle in Mod Control
  • Show/Hide bluetooth icon in statusbar
  • Show/Hide vibrate/silent volume icon in statusbar
  • Fixed the hot boot issue with the Blackberry lockscreen
  • Ability to use pngs for pulldown, statusbar, and dragbar / See this ->POST<- for more info
  • New look and feel to Aroma installer
  • Added AOSP MMS as an Aroma option. Thanks @Cbass15 for the apks!
  • Redid .zip side Morphology to further compliment the 'built in' Settings Morphology
  • Added stock or modified animations to Aroma installer
  • Added choice of AccuWeather widgets to Aroma
  • Added Aroma option to change 'mods only' w/o reinstalling the ROM
  • Added new version of S4 sVoice
  • I know I'm forgetting at bunch MOAR...
// Older Versions

// MOAR v5.01 [MD4 / 4.1.2] [06.17.13]
** Uncheck "Force GPU Rendering" in 'Settings-> Developer Options' if enabled, for best performance
** Recommended / Settings -> Developer Options -> Animations set to .5
** Modded v2.4 transition animations here :

Changelog v5.01 : 06/17/2013
  • Only an incremental update...
  • Lockscreen Torch Fixed (Thanks @Didact74)!!!
  • Inverted MMS working again
  • SystemUI and Settings completely redone from scratch
  • MOAR Mod Control added to settings // Tons of mods and customizations
  • nOObz Extras menu added to settings // Add-ons to further make it your own
  • Updated AOSP keyboard // 'Enter' key now works properly with email
  • Updated LightManager to the latest version for full LED control
  • Added Pie Control, Icon Changer, and more
  • Added Flashblink for notification 'pulse' control
  • Added Xposed framework for even MOAR modding happiness
  • Moved to 23 Toggle mod versus the 15 toggle of old
  • GS4 Weather Widget added
  • A whole lot that I can't remember...
Under the Hood
// Standard loadout
  • Deodexed, zipaligned, battery & CPU tweaks, CSC tweaks, true 1x/3G mod, fully transparent pulldown including notification backgrounds, animated charging icon, 23 toggle mod, native ad blocking, build.prop tweaks, debloated, 1% Battery mod, optimized apks, smooth as silk, fast as hell, and nasty as you want it to be!
// Additional mods and tweaks
  • Based on MD4 firmware
  • 3 kernel choices / freezas optimized & KT (With nOObz scripts. Links in thanks section), plus stock
  • Morphology Built In! // Unlimited theme possibilities! 30 WasabiWa83 themes baked in. Make it unique, make it your own!
  • MOAR Mod Control // Enable/Disable brightness slider, alarm icon, low battery warnings, IME icon, choose statusbar, clock, battery bar colors, and more!!
  • nOObz Extras // Xposed framework, PerApp DPI settings, light manager, flashblink, icon changer, pie control, and more!!
  • Modded MMS // 200 recipient mod, screen on/off via settings, and more! Quick Reply! Bunch of unlocked settings!
  • Modded Note2 camera / Volume rocker shutter, in call enabled, low battery cripplers removed
  • Many build.prop, battery, and csc tweaks // Smooth as silk performance
  • Permissions fixed on mpdecision and smdexe during kernel install
  • Native nOObz hotspot mod w/working 4G // Device status shows "Normal" in settings
  • 9 launchers now to choose from during install
  • 4in1 reboot menu // Media Scanner Bug Fix implemented from 4.2
  • Custom settings layout for easier navigation // Tons of unlocked settings
  • Disabled increasing ringtone, custom sounds, tons of fonts!
  • Choice of 3 sound levels during install // Stock, Loud, Extreme!
  • Volume track skip mod // Double tap home Google Search or sVoice // Long press menu to kill apps
  • Updated hosts file for native ad blocking // Removed signature verification
  • GS4 icons and sound options // GS4 PhotoEditor // GS4 weather widget
  • Choose inverted or stock email during install, to include Gmail
  • Debloated and optimized apks / App add-on package below
  • Floating Note2 Keyboard w/handwriting and autocorrect // Lightly themed 4.2 keyboard with gesture swipe
  • Enabled all apps for MultiWindow // Semi-transparent tab and bar
  • Disabled screen on when unplugged & increasing ringtone
  • Modified 'Auto-Brightness' framework values for a better 'auto' experience
  • Removed Sprint Connection Optimizer // PRL Write Enabled
  • 8 lockscreens to choose from including custom Xperia lockscreen w/ wallpaper chooser and any color InkEffect
  • Ripple effect bug fix / Cannot enable for any lockscreen but stock!
  • MOAR custom wallpapers / 25 to choose from!
  • Working Asus Day Scene live wallpaper
  • And much, much, more!
// Stock Screenshots (v5.0)

// Reviews
What is Morphology
// Morphology Built In!
The Aroma powered installer will walk you through step by step
  • All images and screenshots can be found =>HERE<= courtesy of MontyPyFly! Be sure to thank him!
  • Common available colors are white, Sammy green, yellow, red, ICS blue, stock grey, pink, orange, purple, dark blue, or neon green
- Pick your install type:
  • Create a custom theme
  • Install a WasabiWa83 OMG Theme (30 rebaked & optimized themes!)
  • Restore a previously generated backup (Installer will prompt to create a backup during the process!)
  • Delete current backup files
  • Choice of AOSP or Stock styles Changeable at any time through installer!
  • Select your notification bar color Choose from black, stock, dark purple, or dark grey (Only if Stock Pulldown style in selected)
- Select WiFi & Signal icon style Gradient, Stock, or custom (12 options currently)
- Choose activity arrow colors
- Theme your Framework
  • Select a predefined framework theme (28 color options)
  • Select customize to pick loading circles, sliders, framework style, and framework backgrounds (25 to choose from!)
Examples of framework backgrounds can do:

- Customize your Toggles - Stock, glow, custom, OMG theme style, vertical glass style, ocean design, or metal disc design.
  • Colors now enabled in ROM
  • Select a toggle background - 10 to choose from!!
- Choose a dialer background - 31 to choose from! All include matching 'incall' dialers!
- Pick your dialer digit colors - 13 colors to choose from!
- Decide whether or not to install a MMS predefined theme - 16 styles to choose from!
- Choose to install settings icons 28 icon styles including stock!

  • Always make a backup first!! Flash at your own risk!
  • Team nOObz is NOT responsible for anything that may happen to your phone. We cannot be held responsible for smoke, fire, water, or other natural disasters.
  • We will however take responsibility for the weeks and weeks of happiness one may experience with this ROM.
  • Clean install is always recommended, but at minimum make sure you wipe!
  • Treat Aroma kindly.. Fast and/or rapid movements only tend to upset the scripts.
Special THANKS to those who have donated

BradJ, bubbaearl, srish2, jdelano, RMD, NonCorp, andee39, squeeks716, ikenvape (x2), reverepats (x2), Mr Ames, dazednconfused, studentjunk, Guest (x2), tiger505, Badger50, oxman777, ooonimrodooo, clankfu, justin24, ibcenu, ferretman61, caleb (x4), imaconeheadXD, alaman68, zonly1, egnagrah,
  • Naddict // For his creativity, support, and drive!
  • EMSpilot // For dedication to getting the job done! Check out Purple & Green JellyBean =>HERE<=
  • kennyglass123 // For being an awesome moderator, supporter, and for bringing the People's support. Look for it =>HERE<=
  • freeza // For bringing so many mods, guides, leaks, kernels, (and more!) to XDA! Check out Fre3 =>HERE<=
  • Didact74 // For the awesome tutorials and mods including clock!! Be sure to THANK him =>HERE<=
  • loserskater // For the awesome tutorials and mods including clock!! Be sure to THANK him =>HERE<=
  • dazednconfused // For the "Wicked" support! Grab the latest =>HERE<=
  • justin860 // For the awesome inverted GAPPS. Grab them =>HERE<=
  • devabhishek // For some statusbar ideas and Anastasia pngs!
  • mythtrandyr // For the awesome inkeffect mod
  • amarullz // For the sick creation that is Aroma!
  • Stericson // For inventing the "MetaMorph" system
  • wanam // For lidroid as we know it!
  • Villain ROM Team // For the creation of the VRTheme System
  • ktoonsez // For his KT747 Kernel. Source =>HERE<=
  • WasabiWa83 // For his permission to use his killer OMG themes! Check them out =>HERE<=
  • MontyPyFly // For his killer reference guide to Morphology! =>HERE<=
  • bdorr1105 // For his hard work on the Anastasia icons and blue glass battery!
  • Anyone that I may have missed! (Please PM me)
  • Everyone that's contributed to this thread!!

Extras and Add-Ons

// Moved ->HERE<- to Post #3 for sake of OP character limits
More to come...
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-01-22-07-07-37.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-01-24-07-16-02.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-01-24-07-17-28.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-01-24-19-25-55.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2013-01-24-07-17-45.jpg
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ID:	1674162  
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Not happy with all that is inside the ROM and want even more looks?

Then check out the following (links)...

- Turn off ink - Includes Clock Numbers (If you want matching text, see EMSPilots' thread below or go here >>

Bootanimations - Different Colors
- Same as the one that comes with MOAR, but in colors!

Note: Dev-Host is reporting false gingerbreak virus for whatever reason an independent scan and see

Pull-downs, Framework Backgrounds and other doo-dads

Vegata's Theme Port

Kalagas Mixed Theme Port

Anatastasia Port Theme


For those that need to see what the Naddict Tribute looks are a few screenies



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Extras and Add-Ons

// MOAR Extras
Contents Include:
  • Sound Mod : Stock, Loud, and Extreme
  • Google Apps : Plus, Drive, Currents, Open Signal, Voice, Books, Magazines
  • Additional Apps : Polaris Office, Titanium Backup, Dropbox
  • Stock Apps : AllShare, ChatON, FlipBoard, Game Hub, Help Hub, Media Hub, Music Hub, Kies, KiesWiFi, sMemo, sSuggest, Samsung Apps, SprintZone, Samsung More, Voice Recorder
// Apps
// Label (ERI) Mods
  • These will change the text on the lockscreen and pulldown as shown
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I know a lot of you have your favorite text colors. So I am making flash-able Nova Launcher zip with your favorite text color. This will change the text color that appears under your apps on your phone, and also in Nova Launcher.

OP is here

The first is for text color 33b5e5.

I will take request for the rest. Simple make a request in this OP. Just post the hex text code.



33b5e5 Blue:

It will change the following text colors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Device: Verizon GS5 SM-G900V & Tab S 8.4
Modem: G900VOYU1ANCG
Nova Launcher 3.0.2 THEMED BY ME

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ASU Sun Devil Theme & Alum!!!
Purple Green Jelly Bean Theme
MOAR MA6 Text Colors
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Default Re: [ROM][nOObz] Mother Of All ROMs // Morphology // Aroma // INSANE Clock Mod // Ink

Looks like awesomeness is on the way!!! You guys friggin kick a$$!

Forgot to say.......First! (I think )

Wicked Sensations Rom
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Default Re: [ROM][nOObz] Mother Of All ROMs // Morphology // Aroma // INSANE Clock Mod // Ink

Whaaaaat..... Man you things Never end with ya huh lol? Never seem to amaze man. Look forward to takin this for a spin. Thanks bud
Love the Team name by the way.

Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
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Default Re: [ROM][nOObz] Mother Of All ROMs // Morphology // Aroma // INSANE Clock Mod // Ink

I'm excited as hell now. Raping f5.

Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
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Did someone say noob? Looks like this is gonna be a great rom good job guys
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This shiz sounds serious, gonna rock it soon!

Thank you!!!

PHONE: Samsung Galaxy S4
ROM: NAE KitKat 4.4

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moar, morphology, naddict, rom, speed, wowowowowowowowow
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