Info 2 n900-w8 Updating Rooted Device

Hey guys, so I apologize if this is a stupid question or if it has already been asked before (did a quick search and didn't see anything relating to the w8 note)

My girlfriend has a n900-w8 too and she has got 3 updates since the day we got them (she doesn't root her phone) but I rooted my phone the day we got them, am I going to have to full unroot my phone, then update, then re-root? or is there a 'patch' type file i can use or something more a long those lines?

Don't get me wrong I hate touchwiz, but the only ROM's I like are cyanogenmod and PAC-rom which neither are released for the note 3 yet... *sigh*

Current firmware version : PDA:MI5 / PHONE:MI5 / CSC:MI5 (BMC)
Latest firmware version : PDA:MJ4 / PHONE:MJ4 / CSC:MJ4 (BMC)