Question CM 10.2 Nightly

I flashed my device the other week with the nightly build of cm-10.2-2013-12-02 and it is fantastic. Not only does it get twice the battery life the thing is so much more responsive and fluid, however (yes there is a however), the WiFi does not always cooperate. It will show it is connected but the browser or anything that uses a connection will not receive anything. If I disable the WiFi then the phone uses its data with no issues at all. Of course there are limits to data use so the WiFi is much needed. Does anyone have a .zip of the 03,04,05,06 cm10.2 builds? Unfortunately now that cm11 is being rolled out the nightly releases of 10.2 are nowhere to be found. I was hoping hat maybe one of these later releases fixed the issue.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Maguro) | CM 11 Official Nightly 03/10
2 x Samsung Galaxy II HD LTE (SGH-I757M) | CM 10.2 Unofficial 01/20
Motorola Atrix HD LTE (MB886) | CM 11 Official Nightly 02/09