Default Where is contact in TWRP Backup/Downgrade 4.3 ?


My GS4 just come back from S.A.T. but the problem is that now, it is in 4.3 with new bootloader, Knox 0x0 !

But, before to send it, I was on a 4.2.2 Custom ROM TW, and I did a Backup(Data+EFS+System+boot+cache) with TWRP...

I have those files :

So I can't downgrade to 4.2.2 ?
And how can I extract my data from the 4.2.2 backup ? For contacts(most important), laucnher settings, etc etc ?

EDIT : Ok, I'm able to open the backup... I rename the data.ext4.win000 and data.ext4.win001 to data1.tar.gz and data2.tar.gz, and open it with winzip, Wirar and 7zip cry,if it can help somebody, but where is contact ? There is 23400 files........

Thank you !