Question [Q] xdabbeb Camera Mod landscape only

Hi Folks,

i have one little problem with Xdabbeb's camera mod. I'm not even sure if there's a fix for it or not, but i figured asking doesn't hurt.

So, i flashed CloudyStock and Xdabbeb's camera and have this weird problem that the camera only starts in landscape mode and it does not rotate any other way. i can shake and tilt the phone whichever way i want it just stays in landscape.

camera mod works fine with LG Stock but i really like cloudyfas rom so i thought maybe one of you competent guys have a solution or an idea where to look for one?

My Phone: LG D802 (International), TWRP, CloudyStock 1.0, Xdabbeb's Camera 1.5 (1.4 tested, same problem).

Thanks for any help!

Edit: Whelp, guess i fixed it myself. For anyone else interested: Solution seems to be fixing permissions with TWRP.