Unhappy [Q] HELP please! hosts is not working (Solved)

Hardware: LG-D802 (LG G2 intl)
Software: Android 4.4.2 CM11 Snapshot M4 (http://download.cyanogenmod.org/get/...OT-M4-d802.zip)
Other info.: Rooted, SuperSU as manager. gapps-kk-20140105-signed.zip installed. Lucky Patcher, Droidwall, Stickmount, Root Explorer, Terminal Emulator, GAE Proxy, etc. installed.

Problem: Lucky Patcher cannot patch the hosts file, so I did that manually, the hosts file was updated successfully however it's NOT working

No matter I redirect that 123.134 thing to or, none of them works. I can still ping it. I set the permission of the hosts file to rw-rw-rw-, it's still not working.

Please help! Why the hosts is not working? I thought it has very high priority...


Dman, the problem is due to the line break. The file is using CRLF instead of LF, I'm a fool.