Default Best screen mirroring HDMi dongle compatible with GT i9505


I've been wanting to do some screen mirroring for quite some time and I've been reading a lot, but it's kind of confusing some say it will work others that it won't.

I have a 9505 rooted running CM11 and I need a dongle for my "old" Sony TV, but which one is the best? I want to watch movies and occasionally play some games if possible.

Chromecast doesn't have all the functionality or so I've concluded due to the case that it can't be rooted.

Miracast I can't figure out if it will work on a custom status on my rooted device - can someone help me here?

Are there any "good ones" some of you could recommend?

The main functionality is like playing videos and pictures.. Music could be nice too!

Hope some of you have some experiences you could share