Cool [Q] Help! What is the safe mode about KK 4.4.2? &how to quit?

THX everybody to take a look. I've flashed the 04/09 version of KK under Jcsullins's project. Thx a lot for his hard work. But I have a problem that everytime I boot the device, in the left down corner, it says "safe mode". What's wrong? Is this just like the windows safe mode & hardware doesn't work fine? How to quit this mode and use KK correctly? Just, please helllllp, thanks.
During first boot of KK, touch screen is not working until I press power button twice. Is this a hardware issue or the step of my operation? By the way, WIFI couldn't be opened. I flash webos 3.0.5 using webos doctor and then perform an full reset, then install CWM&moboot using ACMEInstaller5. Then in CWM i flashed the 32G partition zip file and everything seems fine. Then the rom flash, reboot, that's it. Weird. Is the step for me wrong?