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, this is my second thread on XDA-Developers
All of my IRS, mainly for V4A and V4W, will show up here!

#  Full 48kHz (truly not upsampled) You get more signal samples and higher quality
#   24-bit audio depth (full dynamic range) You'll get higher dynamic range and less noise
#  Low-to-zero delay (0ms ~ 5ms) Suitable for visually synced audio like games and movies
#  Average normalization There's very low volume level variance
#  Frequency range 20Hz ~ 20kHz Full range of sonic for maximum listening quality
#  Ultra-short WAV length Resource-friendly for low-end devices
#  Lossless audio Really lossless wave files

impulse response samples
(use your browser's find in page/search function to reach the specific IRS characteristics you're looking for)

Original IRS
(Line-in and Stereo Mix record):
• BBE SonicMax [Optimized - Line-In]
• Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 [2 Custom Profiles]
• Dolby Digital Plus [Enhancement Only - Not a codec - Line-In]
• Dolby Digital Plus [Re-processed - 50% more bass and highs - Extended surround power while keeping symmetry - Slightly higher mids/vocals]
• Dolby Virtualizer [Reprocessed Dolby HP & VS]
• DTS Headphone:X [Test - Complete 11 channels]
• OneKnob [Complete Set - 70 IRS - 125ms (because of reverb)]
• SBX Pro Studio [No SBX Surround and SBX Smart Volume]
• SRS Audio [Extended TruBass + Def]
• SRS Audio HD [SRS GEQ - Acoustic + SRS TruBass - 50% + SRS Dialog Clarity - 50%]
• The King's Microphones [Not for audiophiles]
• Waves Maxx360 [100ms]
• Waves MaxxBass + Waves RBass [WARNING: - Heavy bass; clipping may occur - Updated (now 25ms)]
• Waves Vitamin Sonic Enhancer [New Update - Extended Power (x2 and x3)]

Custom IRS
• 3D Headphone Sensation [2 IRS]
• 3NH4NC3D [Alias ENHANCED - Noise shaping - Dialog enhancement - Deepened bass - High fidelity]
• Acoustic Virtualization [For movies and games - Not recommended for music - Extensive bass resonance - 150ms]
• Additional 360 Surround Mode
• Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Response Optimization (ASPRO) [v1.00 BETA - Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratories]
• Audio Boost [Powerful bass - Clear vocal - High clarity - Superior fidelity - Studio definition - 2 IRS - LOUDER - Set gain to -3]
• Audio DeMuffle [Improves clarity of most muffled tracks and overcompressed files]
• ClarityFX HD [Vocal and treble enhancement - Small amount of bass boost - 3D mode available]
• Clear Fidelizer [Extends clarity - Highs and deepness - Probably wider soundtsage - Might feel a bit louder]
• Clear Surround [Might have too much echo]
• Clear Surround HD [Extended clarity version - Less echo - Quality might be lower]
• ClearPlus HD [Clear vocals - Better bass - Detailed highs - Might sound louder]
• CrystalBASS HD [A bit more powerful than FideliBASS - Vocals re-elevated a bit - Clarity should be about 15% higher by now]
• Elements Of Fidelity [NOT HARMONY LOL - 50% of audio boost - Extended: Deepness, Resonance, Power, Clarity, Brightness, Vibrancy]
• Elements Of Fidelity R2 [Bass is weaker than the origin - Higher clarity and with optimal localization - Added height elevation for more live performance]
• Elements Of Fidelity 9ZzZ Edition) [Less intense - higher clarity]
• Extended Power [A bit deeper bass - Higher clarity - Clearer phase]
• Extreme Bass [Extremely deep bass - LOWER THE VOLUME BEFORE USING]
• Extreme Speaker [Compensates bass and mids of built-in phone speakers - Lowered loudness by about 2dB to reduce clipping]
• FideliBASS [10% more powerful than Giga Subwoofer, and highs extended - WARNING: This might be a 24dB bass boost ;p]
• FideliBASS V2 [Higher clarity version of FideliBASS - More resonance and thumps - - While watching movies, you will hear explosions just right in front or back of you... LOL]
• Giga Subwoofer [Sounds funny. But almost a x2 version of Mega Subwoofer. LOL]
• Head360 [Wraps the sound around your head]
• Headphone Clarity [Headphones audio clarity enhancement]
• Headphone Enhancer [Bass - Fidelity - Surround]
• Hi-Clarity [Recommended only for low-quality/compressed media]
• Kalybathy+ [Modded Kalybathy - provided by @churapa - Normalized, lower gain - Ultra-low frequency bass enhanced - Mids boosted - Reduced highs]
• Kenty Beats V2 [Less bass - More mids]
• Magic Bass [Not an ordinary bass boost]
• Mega Subwoofer [BOOM BOOM BOOM]
• Mid-Range Booster [Boost frequencies ranging from about 80Hz ~ 800Hz]
• MidBOOM [Deeper bass - Boosted mid-range frequencies - Clearer vocals]
• Music Boom [Just a lil' bit enhancement...]
• MusicLive [Subwoofer resonance and bass - Vibrant listening experience]
• Natural Sound [Brightens audio - Deep bass - Extended clarity]
• Noise Extension [I don't like this one]
• Passive Noise Control [Static one-channel phase inverter]
• Phantom Room [Virtualphones Technology - Soundstage Expander V3]
• Phase Maximizer [Stop using if you feel uncomfortable]
• SonicHunter Speakers [Built-in phone speakers compensation - Better bass response - Pristine clarity]
• SonicPhantom StudioMAX [Reduced artifacts - Clearer dialogs - Higher... well... highs, and deeper and punchier bass - 5 profiles]
• SonicPhantom X-Cinema HD [Universal - Suitable for games, movies, and music - More powerful and clear - Head-shaking bass tech]
• Soundstage Expander [Virtual Surround Sound - New: Phantom Room]
• StudioSonic [Audio definition enhancement]
• Studio Sound [Self Explanatory]
• Theater Sound [Self Explanatory]
• TruFidelity [Based on Audio Boost, but with less intense bass, reduced noise, and higher clarity]
• Vibrant Exciter [Psychoacoustics Headphone FX]
• Virtual Surround IRS Pack [Contains 10 IRS with surround sound]
• zLOUD [not to be confused with xLOUD - Extreme loudness! Use with speakers only! - Low clarity - High mids extended]
• Z-Verb [50ms - Headphone Virtualizer]

XHR Series

• XHR Acoustic+ [Acoustic sound for headphones]
• XHR ActiveBass [Psychoacoustic bass enhancement - For headphones and speakers, including internal speakers]
• XHR AuroStudio [Headphone enhancement and surround virtualizer]
• XHR CrystalSonic [POW bass effect - Clear spoken words - extended dynamic range - high fidelity - crisp treble - Audio artifacts might occur]
• XHR DirectBass Xtreme [Extreme bass boost!!! - 3 modes: headphones, speakers, built-in/internal speaker]
• XHR Elements Of Fidelity StudioMaster [Imperfect mix. Recipe: XHR StudioMaster FX (65%), Elements Of Fidelity R2 (35%)]
• XHR Headphone Fidelity [HD audio fidelity - Clarity resurrection - Extremely clear voice and vocals - Extended image size, true to life 360 audio - Stereo headphones only!]
• XHR HiFi+ [High fidelity - Powerful bass - Clear highs]
• XHR Master Audio [For music, games, movies, etc. - Enhances audio fidelity and clarity - Extended bass response and range]
• XHR OptiPhase [Affects phase quality]
• XHR qSurround [A bit echo-ish]
• XHR PhenomSound [Clarity and fidelity restoration]
• XHR ProClarity [Powerful dialog clarity enhancer]
• XHR ProMobile [Speaker enhancement technology - Built-in speakers only!]
• XHR SonicBlaster [Recipe: Heaven High End, Xperia Z ClearBass, HTC Beats Audio, SBX Crystalizer]
• XHR SonicFidelity [Extreme lo-contour and thumping bass - Extended highs and clarity - LOWER VOLUME BEFORE USING]
• XHR SonicField FX [Virtual wideness enhancement]
• XHR SonicPhantom AuraLive HD [Acoustic boost mode - Lo countour - Bass enhancement - Warmer contentvAural exciter]
• XHR SonicPhantom AuroraX [Extreme dialog clarity - Deeper bass - Powerful aural exciter - High-clarity surround sound]
• XHR SonicPhantom CrystalSound HD [Clarity crystalizer]
• XHR SonicPhantom Home Theater [HDfy your audio - XHR Dialog Master - XHR Crystality - XHR ClearLoud - XHR quakeBASS - XHR NoiseQ - XHR X-Phase - XHR zClarify - XHR Virtual360 - Available by request, as without surround, less listening fatigue]
• XHR SonicPhantom LiveStudio [RENAMED+IMPROVED - Advanced phase optimization - Extended bass response - Powerful fidelity and clarity -
Playback Enhancer - 3 device profiles: Headphones, Speakers, Built-in/Internal speakers]

• XHR SonicPhantom LiveFidelity HD [Vibrating resonance and bass - Added clarity and fidelity]
• XHR SonicPhantom LiveSense FX [Lively clear audio - Voice clarity - Isolated bass - Vibrant fidelity]
• XHR SonicPhantom PowerFi FX [Crystal clear and bright audio - Progressive thumping closed bass - Voice clarification and vibrant fidelity - For multimedia and real gaming - Reduce bass if too powerful or treble if too sharp]
• XHR SonicPhantom PrestigePro [Ultra clear voice and vocals - More thumps while not giving muddy bass - Extended fidelity without affecting voice sibilance]
• XHR SonicPhantom PrestigePro quakeBASS Edition [CAN/MAY/WILL DAMAGE YOUR EARS AND AUDIO MONITOR DEVICE - Use with care]
• XHR SonicPhantom PureBalance+ [5 presets: Professional Studio, Power Maximizer, Crystal Clear, Bass Kicker, Vibrant Fidelity]
• XHR SonicPhantom R-Boost [Lo contour enhancement - Bass re-processing - Clear drums (snare, hihats, kick, floor, toms, crash, ride, china, splash, etc) - Height elevation 25% - Balanced vocals - Adds color to your media]
• XHR SonicPhantom StudioFidelity [Studio surround sound - Extreme fidelity - High clarity and crystal clear audio]
• XHR SonicPhantom StudioFX [Might be good for movies and games, but not music - 2 IRS (Stereo & Surround) - Crystality, quakeBASS, Dialog Master, X-Phase, ClearLoud, Virtual360]
• XHR SonicPhantom TheaterFX HD [Extremely crisp fidelity and superior clarity - Clearer closed bass - Unexpected resonances reduced for comfortable listening - Crystalized and natural voicevReduced artifacts and phase problems]
• XHR SonicPhantom TruHeadphone [HDR audio - Elevated 3D headphone surround - Clear dialog, high clarity and vibrant fidelity - Headphone effect]
• XHR SonicPhantom UltraClarity [Extreme 3kHz ~ 16kHz boost - A tiny bass boost]
• XHR SonicPhantom XtremeStudio [Surround version also available - Just post in this thread if you want - Truth: PowerFi FX + PrestigePro + Some tweaks, 75% identical to Elements Of Fidelity, but this maybe/is weaker]
• XHR SonicPhantom Z-Clarity [Voice frequency separation technique - Aural exciter - Dialog enhancement - Bass kicker]
• XHR SonicZoom FX [High clarity and fidelity - Home theater surround sound - Deep thumping bass - Headphones only]
• XHR SoundPlus [High fidelity listening experience - ClearSoundstage HD]
• XHR SoundPlus HE [A more refined version of XHR SoundPlus]
• XHR StudioMaster FX [High clarity version of StudioMaster series - Extended fidelity - Less drowning sound]
• XHR StudioMaster HD [Heavier than Pro version - Don't know which is better]
• XHR StudioMaster Pro [Lift up your audio - Live up your audio]
• XHR TheaterPro [Premium audio - High fidelity - Pristine clarity - Rich bass - Clear soundstage]
• XHR TheaterFX Pro [Clear vocals and dialogs - Deep and vibrating bass - Crisp highs - Full mid-range quality - 360 degrees Hi-Fi surround - Headphone effect]
• XHR TruClarity FX [High voice clarity - Extreme fidelity - Closed bass - Live crystal-clear surround]
• XHR TruRemaster [Track post-processing - High fidelity]
• XHR TruSpeaker [Might sound bad depending on your phone's speakers - THIS MAY DAMAGE YOUR SPEAKERS]
• XHR WideFX [Stereo image enhancement - Both stereo speakers and headphones are supported]
• XHR X-Pro [High-Fidelity headphone sonic enhancement]
• XHR XtremeClarity+ [Deep bass response - Audio de-phatter - Fully crystal clear vocals - Crisp fidelity]

Frequency Response Correction IRS
(In Google Drive - Header: FRC)
• Sennheiser HD 595
• SoundMAGIC ES18 [fake lab test/DIY]
• Xiaomi Piston 2.0/2.1 [COLOR="Silver"][accurate]
• Sennheiser HD 558 [GoldenEars measurements]

Want to request your own IRS? And name it too?!!
Visit IRS Request thread

If you want Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker 5.1 impulse responses, go here

All these IRS files are available in my Google Drive IRS folder
Latest IRS will be added as attachments too

Thanks to @PόnchUp for designing the new thread style and banner

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29th May 2014, 03:12 PM |#2  
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Here are some basic suggestions
For Clarity: XHR SonicPhantom TruHeadphone
For Bass: XHR SonicPhantom PureBalance+ - Bass Kicker
For Enhanced Power: XHR StudioMaster FX
For Virtualization: XHR qSurround
For Other: XHR LiveSense FX
For all files Google Drive IRS directory

latest reviews
XHR SonicPhantom StudioFidelity & XHR SonicPhantom PureBalance+: View
XHR StudioMaster series: View


If you get FCs with V4A because of selecting an IRS, it's probably because of the "%" in the file name. You must rename them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If an IRS doesn't produce any change, try the fix mentioned here
For fixing statusbar and notification drawer issues caused by the sound mod, go here
I've created a quick dirty program to rename WAV to IRS as I forgot to rename some of them. Download from my Google Drive IRS directory.
Alternatively, you can create a ".nomedia" file in /sdcard/ViPER4Android/Kernel so media players will not scan that folder.


More IRS to come!!! Feedbacks and critique greatly appreciated.



are greatly appreciated to support and motivate me to make more IRS
thank me by pressing the button, if you like my work. I spend a lot of time to provide these to you

Thanks for your donation guys!

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IRS are only static effects. To activate the dynamics, get "eXtremeBeats" mod by Applicare Studios


Advanced Audio Enhancement Technologies - Elements Of Fidelity EX

Just brought Elements Of Fidelity back to life because I can't think of a better name
This one (EX Edition) is heavily tweaked and enhanced to improve audio better
The Pro Edition (lightweight version) will be released later

• I'm not responsible for any damage to your modded device/playback device/auditory system. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
• Please, make a backup before proceeding to flash this mod. There's no uninstaller at the moment
• Might not work on some HTC Sense & Samsung TouchWiz ROMs, resulting in crashes, bootloops or getting stuck at "Starting apps..."

DOWNLOAD from attachment below

Previously known as ASDPE
Older downloads are removed. If wanted, PM me or post on the thread

DO NOT flash Pre-Release versions if you are unsure

System Requirements:
• Android Jelly Bean or above
• Rooted, standard binaries or BusyBox
• Custom recovery (CWM, TWRP, etc - with AROMA Installer support)
• stock "linker" binary (optional)
• Standard runtime libraries (C, M, gabi++, C++ standard functions, etc)
• No other sound mods installed (especially sound mods that share the same files)
• No previous versions installed (optional, but recommended)
• Full system backup (optional, but strongly recommended)


Dolby Digital Plus - Ported from Lenovo Yoga 2 (E-AC3 codec & DTS Sound enhancement included)

E-AC3/DDP codec for MTK ported from Hisense

This is the latest version of Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancement, ported by me and modified to work across all Android 4.1+ ROMs, without the need of framework modifications. Just direct flashing.

• Latest version from Dolby Laboratories (I think)
• Signed with private key (testkey)
• Supports xHDPI displays (High-resolution images)
• Separate framework (custom permissions XML) - I created android.dolby.xml
• Separate tuning parameters (/system/dolby/ds1-default.xml) - You can mod it if you want
• Different UID from system (signature verification pass) - I'll add root access request if it requires elevated permissions

NOTE: I'm still working on this. It might not work on all devices (doesn't on mine either ). You may give it a try!
Low compatibility with KK ROMs

- Fix script errors
- Add support for x86 architecture
- Increase compatibility
- Fix Qualcomm codec
- Add codecs for Intel and Cortex processors

DOWNLOAD removed (ATM. Will add it back shortly after I fixed some issues)

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I will try out the soundstage expander irs file.
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Originally Posted by jmxc23

I will try out the soundstage expander irs file.

Thanks. Feedbacks are welcome
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Crap removed
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3rd November 2014, 07:34 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by aki_007

expected release .
sorry for being impatient but after EOF EX i can't wait for dolby and dts mix .

ETA is frown upon here.
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3rd November 2014, 11:59 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by jmxc23

ETA is frown upon here.

Frown? That's being nice already. You haven't seen what other users reply about ETA.
4th November 2014, 06:49 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by jmxc23

ETA is frown upon here.

I know that was stupid but that's just the love for
@Vinardo_ZzZ 2000 's work.
Hey I noticed that Harmon Cardon irs goes well with eof ex and hass effect. Have you tried?
6th November 2014, 03:16 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Vinardo_ZzZ 2000

Dolby Digital Plus - Ported from Lenovo Yoga 2 (E-AC3 codec & DTS Sound enhancement included)

E-AC3/DDP codec for MTK ported from Hisense
- Fix script errors
- Add support for x86 architecture
- Increase compatibility
- Fix Qualcomm codec
- Add codecs for Intel and Cortex processors

DOWNLOAD removed (ATM. Will add it back shortly after I fixed some issues)

quite happy to see the development , waiting eagerly .
Best of luck for your exams .
and thanks for the beautiful creation
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