Default Need Original VOLD.FSTAB file for Mircomax A77

Need Original VOLD.FSTAB file for Mircomax A77

I am New to this forum so sorry in advance to the admin & friends for any mistakes.

I had recently swaped by phone & sd card of micromax a77 and it was a success, but due later due to some other reasons my phone software has corrupted and now i want to factory reset it. but all in waste. I want to the 3 service centre of micromax at different Locations but they couldnt upgrade the software, I just need the original VOLD.FSTAB file of Miicromax A77 so that i can bring bank the original file and then reset the phone.
I badly need the help from admin and friends. please send the file on the below email id and for micromax a77 only.
Please Please Please

My Email ID