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I have a Motorola Droid 4. I installed SafeStrap recently on it and installed CM11 to the stock rom (mistake I know). I kept running into issues and I finally sorted all of them out and I decided I wanted to restore back to stock and then install CM11 to a rom slot. I come to find out that I am unable to restore my stock backup as it keeps failing. So I then decide I am going to just go ahead and restore my CM11 backup to rom slot 1 and make it the active boot rom, but that turned out to fail to for whatever reason. I reboot my phone several times and received the Motorola logo followed by the dreaded Android on his back with his chest opened up and the exclamation point/triangle coming out of it.

So I gave in and decided to just go ahead and use the Droid Razr Utility that I have used before to reinstall the stock ROM and start all over. During this process everything seems to be going fine. I am able to boot into Fastboot, the PC recognized the phone and can see it. I then start the recovery by doing option "2" to wipe and install. My phone reboots a couple of times and then comes to the point of another reboot but the phone never turned back on. I've tried many button combinations to get this to boot up but nothing seems to respond. I have attached a screenshot of what the Droid Razr Utility showed when the phone was attempting to restart but never did.

I purchased a Fastboot cable to hopefully get me to the point of my PC recognizing the phone but that does not seem to work. When I plug in my phone Windows never detects anything. I removed all the drivers and nothing. If I plug the phone into a charger the Green light flashes for a split second. If I plug my phone into the computer the Green LED light will stay solid. According to Motorola this indicates that the battery is fully charged. I've tried reseating the battery to no avail.

So based on the information above and the attached screenshot, is my Droid 4 bricked and unusable now?
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20th June 2014, 08:29 PM |#2  
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After doing a bunch of research I think I indeed bricked my phone. Since the ROM I tried flashing to my phone was not for the Droid 4 but rather the Droid RAZR, it looks like my phone is dead. I was hopeful and assumed that this would be able to be reversed by hooking up to a PC but apparently that is not the case. Perhaps I tripped the eFuse or something which is causing the boot loader to not initiate. I guess I need to get a new phone now unless someone has a nifty trick up their sleeve to get the phone accessible via a computer.
20th June 2014, 11:48 PM |#3  
trevorjanssen12's Avatar
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You are going to need a Team Black Hat cable, aka fastboot cable. Then plug it in, and run RSD Lite using the DROID 4's fastboot files. You can find the fastboot files at this website below. Download the one that matches the version of Android you have.

21st June 2014, 12:26 AM |#4  
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Ordered a factory cable on eBay; we shall see; thanks for the information
21st June 2014, 02:15 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by bean1975

Ordered a factory cable on eBay; we shall see; thanks for the information

Are you having the same problem as me? Your Droid 4 will not turn on and just sits at a black screen when you push the power button?
21st June 2014, 04:04 PM |#6  
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@sd_shadow you out there? I would love to hear your advice on my issue to see if there is any hope for my phone.

I received a FastBoot Cable but when I plug it in nothing happens. I also have a Kindle Fire HD and plugged the fastboot cable into it and powerd it down and back on and it boots normally. I'm wondering if the fastboot cable is faulty? Also I think my droid 4 may be completely shot since pushing the power button does nothing for me so I don't know how I could get back into Fastboot mode, unless a confirmed working fastboot cable will force the phone to boot and enter fastboot mode?
21st June 2014, 12:46 AM |#7  
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Even though my computer does not seem to recognize my phone when I plug it in. For example, I plug it in using the Fastboot cable and I never heard a sound from my computer like it knows something was just plugged in?

I did buy a fastboot cable from bluvector on amazon but that didn't seem to do anything for me. My Droid 4 still has a black screen and plays dead
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