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[23.FEB.11][DFT] CleanDROID v2.55-Froyo+CM [Kernel GL_Core_v5b]

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By g.lewarne, Senior Member on 17th January 2011, 04:47 PM
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Following on from my WM 6.5 ROMs for the HD2, I now present my first NANDroid ROM. Built for speed, space and maximum customisability to be decided by you - the users!

Main Features:
- Extreme speed and responsiveness
- Froyo 2.2.1
- CyanogenMOD 6.1.1
- ADW Launcher
- Standard Framework
- Ultra Tiny, 320mb free space after flash on Euro HD2
- Gingerbread Keyboard
- LCD Density is 190 for the true HD look
- Custom initrd for performance
- Custom kernel for max performance and battery life

The ROM is small because it is stirpped of all Google applications and varoius other features, such as wallpapers. No wallpapers are supplied other than the one it comes with so you must provide your own. Everything that has been removed is freely available from the Market, so you can choose what you want and nothing is forced upon you

The ROM is completely rooted and SU is working correctly so you will easily be able to change animations, framework, system APKs etc

MAGLDR 1.11 or greater required, Radio 2.12.50.xx is reccommended. Load phone in MAGLDR menu mode, select USB flasher. Connect phone to PC with USB cable (allow it to install drivers if necessary) and flash the ROM with the supplied DFT flasher. Its that simple

Kernel changelog + Download + GPL compliance information:

Kernel : GL_Core_v5b

Built from latest master GIT git://

OC 1190/1536mhz added to acpu file, Added IO optimisation sourced from hastarin, Added latest YAFFS + cpufreq drivers from tytung GIT.

The kernel code is not modified in any way from what is available on the below linked repositories + patch file, the only difference being the custom build configuration. All credits for kernel modifications go to hastarin, tytung, cotulla, DFT, markinus and anyone else listed as contributing on the commit list and changelogs

- Latest Patches
- Automatic overclock scaling up to 1190mhz / 1536mhz
- Interactive governor as default
- No Undervolt 1190, No undervolt 1536 and Undervolt 1190 kernels availbale
- Reverted to no-op (better IO performance)
- Reverted to SLUB (better system latencies)
- Added htcleo.board.c tweaks from hastarin
- EXT 2/3/4 support
- Added netfilter for WiFi tethering support throught 3rd party apps
- Fixed 60ma after call drain
- Fixed LED notifications
- Pulled latest commits and rebuilt
- Improved compatability for more devices with Undervolt_1190 and 1536mhz kernels
- Slight performance increase over v4

You can download the complete patch set i use here

You can download a complete ready to use build for other roms and chefs to use here


Build info
~~~~!!!! IMPORTANT - READ !!!!~~~~
From now on, the rom .7z you have downloaded will contain 3 boot.img files. Choose which one you want to try and delete the other two, then rename the one you have chosen to "boot.img", then flash. If you have windows set to auto hide file extensions (99.9% people do) renaming the file to "boot" will be sufficient, otherwise it will end up being called boot.img.img and DFT wont see it!

The three choices are:
- 1190mhz No Undervolt (most stable)
- Undervolt 1190mhz (battery saver - might not work on all devices)
- 1536mhz No Undervolt (Will consume more battery, but faster, compatible with most devices)

Changelog: v2.55
- Ditched undervolting for all but 1190 kernel (for battery saving)
- Added 1536mhz kernel, will work on most devices but use more battery
- Kernel voltage changes should fix FC for everyone whose phone can handle the undervolt 1190 / 1536 kernel
- Flash keep data supported from 2.51/2.50

Changelog: v2.51
- Kernel changes, increased min voltage on UV kernels
- More devices (almost all) should work with UV1190 and UV1305 kernels
- Some minor tweaks
- lil bit faster
- Battery drain should be improved

Changelog: v2.50
- Added 3 different boot.img files to archive (see above)
- Pulled latest commits from GIT, kernel patches and updates
- Rebuilt rom, stability improved
- Updated to CM 6.1.1 from stock Desire build
- INIT changes for uber fast booting

Changelog: v2.02
- Fixed LED notifications
- Several kernel changes for performance
- Switch to interactive governor for better battery life and improved IO
- INIT changes to decrease boot time slightly
- Added SMU (super mega ultraness)
- Reduced by 2mb
- Fixed netfilter and 60ma after call drain

Changelog: v2.00
- Totally rebuilt from the ground up from latest stable Desire CM build
- Completely removed compcache service for more performance
- Smallest build yet - 321mb free on euro HD2!
- Newer custom kernel + accompanying INIT
- Fastest ROM yet!

Changelog: v1.40
- fixed the broken apps to SD feature
- recompiled kernel with latest GIT commits
- tweaked kernel, rom now more responsive, less battery drain, fixed various issues
- fresh flash required

(old changelogs removed)

Additional Info!
Attached to this post is the "LiveWallpaperPicker.apk" install it to be able to set your homescreen wallpaper to any live wallpapers you may have installed

Also attached is GenieWidget for those that want the standard news+weather widget (which is rubbish IMO)

Credits and Thanks
OCM7, Fadzy, JoPlayer, The_Scotsman, Jan-Willem, Cotulla, Bepe, DFT team and anybody i have forgotten!
Attached Files
File Type: apk LiveWallpapersPicker.apk - [Click for QR Code] (28.2 KB, 3200 views)
File Type: apk GenieWidget for 2.2.apk - [Click for QR Code] (548.0 KB, 2458 views)
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17th January 2011, 04:48 PM |#2  
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Q: How to change homescreen dpi?
A: Install Ted (text editor) from market and edit your build.prop or use LCD Density from market.

Q: I have problem with resolution in games.
A: Uncheck compatability mode in spare parts and reboot.

Q: How to keep all the app and settings of the old version?
A: Use MyBackup Pro from Market.

Q: When will FM radio work?
A: When i can get it to work - thats why it has been removed

Q: How to activate battery %?
A: Go to Settings/CyanogenMod settings/user interface/status bar/then click battery %

Q: I'm noticing more battery drain than usuall.
A: You will need to drain/recharge battery before you get full life expectancy out if it - just like any flash.

Q: If you completely run down the battery, would you be able to charge it with the phone again?
A: If your battery is dead, press and hold Vol Down and plug in USB cable / charger at same time. Phone will boot into bootloader and charge there just fine. Leave for 20 mins, pull battery, reboot and charge normally. If phone has just run down, plugging in the charger will usually turn it on.

Q: does it has htc sense?
A: No.

Q: Screenshots?
A: No need, its standard Froyo with ADW launcher
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17th January 2011, 04:50 PM |#3  
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reserved for later use 2
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17th January 2011, 04:53 PM |#4  
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yayy first!!!

Sorry, I hate people who do that but couldn't resist

Sounds interesting, gunna give this a try later, thnx bud, will report any bugs/issues I fine
17th January 2011, 04:54 PM |#5  
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yayyy, i'm too, fooking hate it, so couldn't resist...downloading - will report back,,,fanks :)
17th January 2011, 04:55 PM |#6  
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Cool, i think that when it's not sense, it should be a cyanogenmod
Don't mind making an SD version, for those that are on Windows Phone 7? That would be awesome.
17th January 2011, 04:56 PM |#7  
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print screens pls?
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17th January 2011, 04:57 PM |#8  
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Yay! Are the pillars of winmo ROM cooking migrating to Android NAND. Not a surprise at all everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. I won't be surprise to see Dutty Throy, Kwbr and the likes here.
17th January 2011, 04:57 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by lenarass

print screens pls?

no need, its standard Froyo with ADW launcher
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17th January 2011, 05:02 PM |#10  
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Can u post the gapps please ? that will be great.. or like mdeejay in his builds when i logged in into market he ask me what i want to install...
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