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Apple iPhone

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By _Nomad_, Senior Member on 9th January 2007, 06:21 PM
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10th January 2007, 06:25 PM |#61  
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Although there are many replies saying "I'd rather stick to my [insert name of WM5 device here]...", not everyone exactly fits in that market demographic. If Palm Treo users went on to a WM5 board and said something to the degree of "WM5 blows! Palm has been out for AGES! Go Palm OS or go home!" I don't think it would quite fly.

Steve Jobs main market is the power user who wants to merge their iPod, mobile phone, and a PDA device into one. Here's a great statement about what point they are targetting the phone to:

"Before we get into it, let me talk about a category of things ... the most advanced phones are called smartphones. They typically involve a phone, have plastic little keyboards on them, the problem is they're not so smart and they're not so easy to use. If you make a biz school 101 graph, cellphones are at the bottom... smartphones are a little smarter, but they're harder to use."
- Quoted from the Engaget MacWorld 2007 Keynote speech page (

Let's stick to the discussion about the phone itself please.

As far as things go with language recognition for the iPhone in other languages... I would not be surprised for the Asian pictograph languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) that you will be able to use your fingers as a stylus and draw out the characters. The Motorola A732 had an interesting concept where the number pad was touch sensitive. This was interesting as you could draw out the characters and the GUI would display a preview before confirming input.

Here's a link about the Motorola A732's touch keypad recognition:

There's another link somewhere with an interview with the linguistics specialist of Motorola, but I can't seem to find it...

I would imagine the same concept could be easily applied for those countries. Apple is pretty good about localization, so I don't think there should be any worries or qualms about Asian region countries.
10th January 2007, 06:43 PM |#62  
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My few thoughts about this iPhone.

1. Lack of exchangable battery - bad,
2. GSM/GPRS/EDGE/Quad-band - OK, but lacks UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA is major dissapointment,
3. Wi-Fi b/g - nice, but b/g is nowadays standard, not big deal,
4. No 3rd party software - bad, really bad,
5. Battery life - nothing, zero, nada. Why they did not tell what is expected standby time? Because it sux and with 3G you would have to go all the time with power cord,
6. Graphics - Nice, very nice - Apple always was king in graphics,
7. Design - I do not like it, but this is personal agenda,
8. Data usage - Jobs was making fun of BB, but BB is king of data compression, even for havy users 20 MB is plenty, I guess that unlimited data plan will be needed for users of iPhone,
9. Sensors - stupid idea, if I will move my hand screen will go crazy. Only good idea is screen off when by ear side, but this was not their idea. First was Ericsson R520m with ear sensor - when phone was not by ear speaker phone was on, thou nice idea users hated it,
10. Contacs - if I am PC user I should switch to what? iContacts? I am predicting a lot of problems with sync with Outlook.

OK, I am heavy PC user. I am not in graphics or publishing - thou I do not need Mac. I use IBM laptop because it was design to work in many places with no problems, additional programs to configure different network accesses ie. Work, Home, Airport Lounges, Starbucks, Other Networks - different credentials, security certs etc. It HAS to work, I do not care if it is black and square, not rounded. Same I demand from phone. Has to work all the time, if I use up battery I always have spare. Using only mail and sync with exchange I have data usage of 50-100 MB per month. So I guess that this phone will have more then that. So monthly it will be far more then 100USD, and Jobs is talking about saving money?

What I would like to get from Apple is iTunes for WindowsMobile with full Apple DRM to listen and watch stuff I bought from them. But with iPhone it won't happen. AFAIR revenue ratio iPod to iTunes is 1 to 8. They make 8 times more money on iTunes. Give me that not product which is not good for me.
10th January 2007, 06:45 PM |#63  
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I rarely use my stylus these days anyway, a combination of hardware buttons, keyboard, or icons big enough on the screen that a finger will do (i.e. TomTom) means that I will only use the stylus when I am browsing the internet or something (not often). I don't like the idea of it not having hardware buttons, it means you will have to use the screen for everything, and your finger will get in the way of what you are trying to see on the screen. HTC has been adding buttons to their phone - my Wizard had 10 plus a D-pad, while my Hermes has 13 plus a D-pad and a scroll wheel, and it's easier to use.

With flash prices tumbling, 8gb could seem pretty mediocre by the time the iPhone makes it over here, in a year's time at the earliest. An 4gb SD card can be had for under 50 now, and probably about 25-30 in another 12 months.

HTC seem to be bringing out new phones every 6 months so I'm sure they, or someone, can come up with something as appealing within a year.

However, we can at least be grateful to Apple for raising the bar in user interfaces, because I must admit, it looks sweet.
10th January 2007, 06:50 PM |#64  
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And given their work on the Newton, and the what, Billion + potential users they would be excluding, I'm sure the thought of non Western alphabets might have occurred to them. Particularly given where they make their stuff, lol!

10th January 2007, 07:25 PM |#65  
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Re: Foreign language input
Can't disagree that iPhone should/will have other character input methods, but the stylus is simply the most convenient.

Maybe it's not so bad in other languages, but writing in Chinese with (fat) fingers is less than elegant. Thick brush (i.e. finger) means big strokes/characters, which slows down writing speed and accuracy.

Other input methods use standard keyboard keys to construct the desired character, but man, once you use stylus + touch screen, it's hard to go back.

So that's why I think the iPhone will be a step backwards at least in some parts of the world. Or just type in English and forget the hassle.
10th January 2007, 07:41 PM |#66  
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Guys, how expensive will it be for them to provide a stylus? Come on, I can't imagine this being a deal breaker. Question is if there is support for those languages, why haven't they shown it? But if they're going for worldwide release, I can't see them trying to force everyone to type in English.

10th January 2007, 08:03 PM |#67  
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My apologies for being long-winded....

Anyway, I'm guessing the iPhone will use "radical" character input (i.e. characters broken up into its parts) on its virtual keyboard, then choose from a drop-down list. Clunky, but okay.

I highly doubt they are going to add a stylus, since multi-touch is suppose to be its way-too-cool replacement.
10th January 2007, 08:37 PM |#68  
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Agreed, a stylus is small, fiddly, losable, and decidedly un-Apple.

In a way, it had to be that way for Apple to have product differentiation. If it had a normal phone keypad, it would have been just like a normal phone with a different operating system (who's going to notice anyway?) and can play music just like any normal phone these days.

If it had a stylus, regardless of whether it particularly needed one for operation, it would be seen as a PDA and shunned by the masses who want a phone to make calls with, not an organiser that does everything but is consequently a little more complex to use.

It had to be different, and have neither buttons not a stylus. If anyone can pull off something this slick, it would be Apple. However, as many have pointed out, for a large number of languages, particular of Asian origin, this could be a big problem.

Apple has probably released this at the right time. The mp3 player / phone markets have been converging for a couple of years and in another couple of years the discrete portable mp3 player market may start seeing a downward trend. Apple can now continue to sell iPods in the guise of a phone / portable computer.
10th January 2007, 09:00 PM |#69  
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"Windows Mobile 5 Already Does What the iPhone Does - Gizmodo"

10th January 2007, 09:31 PM |#70  
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I'll get sued for this..
I've finally got "the letter" from Apple and I have since removed all copyright meterials from this forum.

[UPDATE:] Why make your phone look like iPhone when your phone can look this good. Tell me when iPhone can do this.

- top = cLaunch
- bottom = phoneAlarm
btw: the phoneAlarm is not really very practical in this manner.
- Ripped icons 32 x 32.
- phoneAlarm skin

[1] How is it done?
Use any 32x32 icons with cLaunch (freeware) Read this thread on how to use this cLaunch. Thanks decknologist, for the tutorial. You can try these icons spacing settings

Icon size: 32
Icon name width: 46
Icon name heught: 12
Icon margins: Horizontal= 5, Vertical= 10
Windwos margin: Left= 8, Right= 0, Top=0, Bottom= 0.

[2] How do I make the black theme? I have grey bars instead.
The black theme and all instructions are available here.

[3] The clock is dull
You have have clock on your WM5 today screen,
something like this, using VJ's todaytoggle and Rotlaus's rlToday

[4] Why can't I push the bottom bar to hit the bottom?
Some of the phone may have those icons on the system tray. I'm not sure, but thallanor seems to have the problem and he has solved the problem

[5] I can get the carbon fiber skin to work on phoneAlarm?
thallanor solved that problem too

[n] Still have problems ..
For general WM5 theming questions, direct your question to this thread instead.
Last edited by hanmin; 24th January 2007 at 10:14 PM. Reason: I've got 'the letter'.
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