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[ROM][MIUI][Always Fresh on Friday][Official NEW MIUI.US Release Friday]

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25th March 2011, 04:12 PM |#6681  
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Originally Posted by Just_s

I replied to your post on MIUI. I highly recommend that you keep a copy of DTa2sd on your SD. Even when it says it is "integrated" I have always had better success installing while flashing the ROM.

Thanks, but you didn't mention which kernel you are using that allows for DTa2sd.
25th March 2011, 04:20 PM |#6682  
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Originally Posted by 12gage

is the white text problem fixed? I saw it was still listed in the description of the rom

It was fixed for SetCPU for me, but when I long pressed to reply to your post, I noticed that the menu text was white, and on a light gray background, it's kind of hard to read.

Unless someone else can give a more definitive answer, I'd say it's fixed for apps, but there's a new white text problem in menus. It'll probably be fixed in next week's release.

I should say that I applied a theme, but that doesn't change text color.
25th March 2011, 04:32 PM |#6683  
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3.25 fixed my FC using AIM.

Copying files over USB is still very slow. When I copied over the new rom (I was using 3.18) it took about 6 minutes to copy the 70 mb file. 3.25 seems to be the same.
25th March 2011, 04:35 PM |#6684  
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Originally Posted by tdusen

3.25 fixed my FC using AIM.

Copying files over USB is still very slow. When I copied over the new rom (I was using 3.18) it took about 6 minutes to copy the 70 mb file. 3.25 seems to be the same.

Slow USB = known issue with 2.6.37 kernels. There is an app people use to work around this, but the name escapes me. Or reboot into recovery to move files around.
25th March 2011, 04:37 PM |#6685  
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Originally Posted by stiffspliff

just so you guys know, check out menu-advanced options in the cm cam shinzul's tweaks are in there (volume button pic taking, etc.)

Originally Posted by psixichka

is this for gb?
cant find what ur talking about
someone help

I still cant figure this out heelpppp I'd love to be able to take a pic without having to touch the screen
Excited about 3.25 gb release! I'm loving 3.18 &tiamat kernal rocks battery life!!!! although mini info isnt working so i have to figure out a diff way to track how long it's unplugged...
25th March 2011, 04:38 PM |#6686  
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Sweet! 3.25 has arrived! I'm just going to wipe all and do a clean install of this to avoid any future headaches. Work productivity has just declined by 70%! lol
25th March 2011, 04:51 PM |#6687  
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Originally Posted by Zameus

Sweet! 3.25 has arrived! I'm just going to wipe all and do a clean install of this to avoid any future headaches. Work productivity has just declined by 70%! lol

haha, no ****. I need to get caught up so I can fiddle with it on the clock
25th March 2011, 04:52 PM |#6688  
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It looks like video recording is still broken. Anyone else get low fps still?
25th March 2011, 04:53 PM |#6689  
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Originally Posted by sirmx

Slow USB = known issue with 2.6.37 kernels. There is an app people use to work around this, but the name escapes me. Or reboot into recovery to move files around.

Thanks. I didn't think about trying recovery.
25th March 2011, 04:57 PM |#6690  
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I Have Everything Working, Hopefully So Can You!
HEADS UP:This is a long post with screenshots. posted at MIUI as well.

For anyone having ANY issues at all, I recommend starting fresh. I have spent hours trying to break everything in this ROM and for me, there is absolutely NOTHING that is in this ROM that isn't working! If you are experiencing any problems it could be due to improper wiping, not starting fresh, corrupt download or moving too fast. I have tried the ROM with three different kernels and all are working. This is sickest, fastest ROM I have ever used, no lie.

This post is not meant to be the end all, be all for flashing this ROM, but I have honestly installed MIUI at least 50, maybe a 100 times since October and have learned a ton about the way MIUI likes to be treated. I'm sure others have their methods and that is great, options are a good thing.

The way I approached this ROM version has worked extremely well for me and I hope that it will help others, especially those new to MIUI. In no way do I claim to be the expert, just an enthusiast who has made a lot of mistakes and learned alot from those mistakes and this community. Happy flashing!!

Here is what I have tested and found: (I'll try and keep it up to date with reported bugs, tweaks, info.) ***Post Updated 3/27***

  • New native Notes App, I absolutely love the new notes app!
  • Lag, No jitter or sluggishness anywhere, scrolling through screens is smooth. Some are still getting lag, see MAY NEED SOME HELP below.
  • WiFi works, quickly and strong
  • Market works, had to enable in download app
  • Wireless Tether working and great signal strength, both laptops, netbook and iphone all teathered at once
  • VVM works for me
  • MIUI Camera working photo and video and AWESOME animations (not sure about quality of pics/vids)
  • CM Camera working photo, video (see below)
  • FFC working on CM camera photo and video, again laggy on video replay (not sure about quality of pics/vids)
  • Bluetooth paired with a Sony DR-BT101 stereo headset in 4 seconds, crystal clear and stable with music and phone
  • MIUI gallery faster than ever before (almost instantaneous!)
  • Native File Explorer working as usual
  • Theme Manager, downloaded and applied the Chinese NY theme and it was amazingly fast!! From download to apply to reboot was about 30 seconds!! That **** is crazy!!
  • Separate theming for lockscreen, fonts, etc. all working
  • PC sync worked perfectly
  • Autobrightness works great
  • MIUI Rom downloader works great
  • Swype backup from Titanium works perfectly
  • MIUI Weather installed via recovery with those zip links floating around here on XDA installed no problem, showed up with some awesome new layout with "popular cities" in a grid and works perfectly once I flashed the DB zip for my region, really killer UI now! Post #140 for international users or Post #286 for US users
  • MIUI-devs is in and working
  • DTa2sd works. Install from here Darktremor Apps2SD Beta 04 . Confirmed working with Tiamat 3.3.2+SBC, SavZen CFS 1.0.0, 0.2.1 and 0.2.0 Also been using this pretty sweet DTa2sdGUI app, which is working on this MIUI build.

(Issues reported by others)
  • GPS may need help via one of the "three known fixes" (Menu Settings, Post #64, GPS Status, Post #7, or ##GPSCLRX#, Post #3). I recommend trying the fixes in this order as the first two can be done in MIUI. I flashed the ##GPSCLRX# fix (Post #3 above) the first time I flashed 1.3.25 and it stuck. Update 3/27: it seems there are still people experiencing GPS issues. I have tried to recreate the issue, but my GPS initializes and locks everytime, so not much help there. Roy Jovero advises when doing the ##GPSCLRX# fix, let the phone fully reboot into the Sense ROM. Then turn on your GPS and load Google Maps or any other GPS-dependent app and get a GPS lock. Once you have a lock, you can reboot into recovery and go back to MIUI. This has worked well for some. If any of you with continued GPS issues on 3.25 come up with a resolution, shoot me a PM and I'll update this info.
  • Battery life may not be the best. As always YMMV, play with some kernels, but be patient and regardless of what the kernel guys say, I always wipe battery stats between kernels.
  • CM video very laggy/jittery replay FFC and back cam
  • Font Color issues Minimal font color issues. Edit: EndlessDissent pointed out a few menus are still white on white (e.g. dropdown menu in XDA Premium app, though it is still very legible on mine.) Seems to be haphazard font issue, hopefully addressed in next build.
  • Gmail, some people report Gmail not working after install. To fix: uninstall (remove from screen) -> reboot -> download from market Also, if you are experiencing "blacked out" unread emails while scrolling in Gmail, menu - settings - programs - manage applications - go to app giving you issues - scroll down - toggle compatibility mode Thanks Stiffspliff!
  • SMS/MMS, a few users are still reporting an inability to text more than 160 characters per message. It has been working great for me, sent successful texts of 165, 193, 220 and 400 characters before switching back over to GVoice. Issue unknown why some can exceed 160, while others cannot. teejaymarx also reports SMS bug "receive a new SMS, and open it via the lockscreen or the notifications pull down, it opens the thread. But the newest message is not present." Again, I did not experience this prior to switching to GVoice and haven't been able to replicate it, but it is also a known/commonly reported bug. YMMVPlease PM me if anyone discovers a reason or fix and I will update.
  • Screen Lag, for a few users, there is lingering screen lag. In most cases, letting the ROM settle in, maybe a few prescribed reboots correct the issue. If not, download VM Heap tool (FREE) from the market and increase heap size to something higher than 23 (40 seems to work well for most.) Alternately, enable screen animations (Menu>Settings>Display Settings>Turn on animationat very bottom)or if you are using Setcpu, bump up the screen off minimum frequency a little higher.
  • Lockscreen Military Time, Stiffspliff has posted an update [EN-PACK1b] which, allows for a 12 hour clock on the lockscreen and introduces some further translations by MarkHUK. Find it hereLockscreen Time Update.
  • Call waiting, craigbailey1986 offers a work around for those who call waiting is not functioning, just turn off the proximity sensors and it will work perfectly. I have with others successfully used this work around 10+ times to ensure it was that. I believe the sensors are causing the phone to lock up when another call comes thru witch explains why nothing happens when you press the screen. Only when you press menu does it say anything.
  • Facebook, as far as I can tell, it is syncing pics just fine YMMV Update: teejaymarx reports that "Sync with existing contacts" still populates entire phonebook with ALL of his facebook contacts. Though I didn't experience this, it is a known/commonly reported bug.
  • Voicemail persistent icon, I never had this issue so I am not sure if it still exists

  • Sadly, I found my first unfixable glitch today, thanks to Kill3rmonk. The in-call mute button does not work. You press the button and it is highlighted, but the other party can still hear you. Bummer. I still advice thorough wiping practices and patience for a nearly perfect experience LOL THIS is how I did it.

Bonus: reboot from recovery takes less than one minute! (54 seconds!) Every time for me so far.


Screens include: Build Info, MIUI Downloader, Lockscreen Wall, USB Connection, Themed, MIUI Weather!, New Note App
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