Default [FIRMWARE]LG eXpo GW820 GW825 GW825v Original ROM[DOWNLOAD]


AT&T USA GW820AT-01-V10g-310-410-APR-16-2010+0

TELUS CANADA DZ_GW825AT-02-V10c-302-220-NOV-08-2009+3

HONG KONG DZ_GW825vAT-00-V10d-454-XX-MAY-17-2010+0

Update Procedure

1. Downlaod LGDP2 V36 UMTS Setup and extract, go to LGDP2_31_INCLUDE_LGDP1_Setup folder and install the exe (use serial number). Now copy all the files from DOWNLOAD folder and paste on C:\DOWNLOAD (overwrite if needed).
2. Install LG United Modem Driver, connect the phone to PC through USB cable and let the drivers to be installed. USB 1.1 is recommended.
3. You'll need firmware in DZ format and the correct DLL for your model.
4. Open LGDP2_V36_UMTS from C:\DOWNLOAD, select UMTS in Division and click OK.
5. Select port (check Device Manager for LG USBModem Port number), you can set a range from easy select or select manually. Select DLL and select firmware in Downlaod Configuration. Click OK.
6. Click START in main window and connect the phone to USB cable in Emergency download mode(SPACE+POWER).

*whatever you do, do at your own risk, I just shared original materials and obviously will take no responsibilty