Syncing to the cloud doesn't have to be over your data connection. It will sync over Wi-Fi. It isn't a perfect solution (USB cable), but it should allow you to work the way you want. I also think that it will sync over USB (using a shared connection), but I haven't verified that.

My company won't allow me to sync via direct Exchange access (personal phone, company info), but I can sync to a Gmail account using Google Sync, so I do that. If you can do direct Exchange updates, that works so much better.

Setup all accounts to be updated manually. Turn on Wi-Fi and turn off data (Settings / Cellular / Data Connection). Open an account and hit the Sync button (looks like arrows in a circle). Your data should be copying over.

If you only have access to wired network connection, you should be able to set up your laptop to share the connection to your phone (which I think the Zune software does when you plug the phone in via USB -- that's how some of the larger apps install).

As far as the Notes, that feature is replaced by One Note which, on the desktop, is drastically better.....I think it will do everything you want.
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