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Default Tips & Tricks

Thought this might be a good place to start listing any quick tips and tricks you might have discovered.

To Lock Device quickly
Keep finger on the Red (Call End) button and it will bring up some options including keylock.
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Not sure if anyone's noticed this but when I end a call on my Dual there is annoying little delay of about 3 seconds before the actual call is ended so I searched the registry and found this:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\PHONE\PhoneExtendS etting]

And I changed the value of EndCallTime from 3000 to 1000 re-booted and voila no more delays when ending calls
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Hold the on/off button for soft reset.
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Default Smart Dialing

This is an advertised feature but apparently not too many people are aware of it. Go to the phone app and start tapping the first couple of letters of the contacts name and the name matches will appear for you to choose from. I find this much easier than opening up the Contacts app and scrolling down to the name you need.

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after pressing send for phoneapp u see last calls.
If u press left/right on the highlighted contact the phone switches through home/mobile/office...
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HKLM\Software\HTC\Biotouch\Biotouch\ regulates the FPS of the cubeanimation.
Change "DownFPS", "LightFPS" und "UpFPS" to something higher for a smoother (and faster) animation.
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Disable 3G, if not needed (it drains the battery faster than GSM):

Edit the registry key HKLM\Software\OEM\UMTS\OpMode and set it to "1"

Then also you could change that setting
Phone Settings --> Band --> Network Type --> GSM

To activate the changes, open the comm manager from the Cube, disable the phone and enable it again.

In italy with Vodafone I can't able to select also the Network Band GSM/UMTS to "GSM(900)" but I have to let it configured as "Auto" or "GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(2100)"
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Default Bits

Ello, new here.. no idea if this helps a few Dual owners but..

Apps found to work on the touch dual:

S2u2 (iphone slide to unlock app), works like a charm:

HHC, HTC Home Customizer (name says it all), also working like a charm:

gfreek, thnx for the EndCallTime key, works perfect and.. 1 less annoying feature to go

Things I'm still looking to solve:
1. Mp3 ringtone seems to fade out after picking up a call, for about 2/3 seconds the ringtone is still audible :S
2. Looking for settings for the Handsfree profile, i have an Lm959 bluetooth bracelet (how geeky, i know), works fine.. but only for calls, the device is capable of blinking the leds on receiving msgs, im looking for the settings to enable just that on the TD.
3. Polling frequency of the TD seems to be on the high side, f.e. it takes about 3 rings from someone before the TD starts "ringing", since voicemail kicks in @ ring 6 I miss a lot of calls.
I found a topic about just this problem with the touch(Elf) on sprint networks, with a quickcode (##7380# I think, well.. I'm not on sprint..so that doesnt work over here.. anyone with any clue would be welcome.. My current solution is disabling voicemail..)
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Originally Posted by ln1234 View Post
To Lock Device quickly
Keep finger on the Red (Call End) button and it will bring up some options including keylock.
to do this quicker go to settings => long press end key
and select automatically execute and then lock device

holding the red button then locks the device in one press
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You can invoke s2u2 instead normal devicelock

just install s2u2, rename Slide2Unlock.exe to EndKey.exe and copy all files to windows directory, with resco explorer.

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