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invisibleSHIELD vs Bodyguardz vs Ghost Armor

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(Last edited by RADRaze2KX; 3rd April 2010 at 07:10 PM.)
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Originally Posted by RADRaze2KX View Post
just thought i'd post a follow up...

it's been about 3 months since i had my ghost armor installed,and i must say that i'm still quite happy with it.

the edges on the upper-part of the back are peeling up slightly from the pocket-based abuse )throwing it in and pulling it out), but the rest of the armor has held up without an issue.

yesterday, i accidentally dropped cigarette ash on the face of my phone, and itscorched the skin slightly, but you can't tell when the phone is on.

still, the quarter-inch peeling on the back, and the ash, has prompted me to challenge Ghost Armor on their lifetime warranty policy.

i'll take my phone to a mall (remember, their AZ based and i live in phoenix) and see if they replace it.

to note a few things i had posted on before:

1.) the edges no longer feel rough/scratchy. that faded with time and now the phone feels completely smooth all around

2.) the amount of orange peel never increased. it may have even decreased in appearance. the face is really clear, the back less-so, but still no where near the orange peel level i had seen with invisishield

3.) usability of the stylus, touch screen, buttons, etc.. has become easier over time. it was never truly difficult, but the concious modification to everyday usage has become 2nd nature, and my friends don't even notice the phone is skinned

4.) the phone still looks brand new. the skin got tighter (or so it feels) on the phone, and i couldn't imagine it any other way

5.) over time, the stuff they applied (the liquid adhesion spray) really dried crystal clear, much to my surprise, and extreme relief

6.) i recommend Ghost armor to all my friends, it's just a great product. i'd probably feel the same way about similar products, if i gave them the opportunity to prove their value

that's it for now.. posting this from my Ghost Armored Touch Pro

- RADRaze2kx
Here's another follow-up... It's been about a year since my last follow-up... I challenged Ghost Armor on their Lifetime Replacement warranty, not ONCE, but TWICE with my Touch Pro before switching it over to the Touch Pro 2.. The honored the warranty each time, but I still opted to have them install the product for me, since I'm lazy but more so because my hands are not very steady. The Ghost Armor kept my phone looking like new the whole 11 months I had it on there. I peeled the Ghost Armor off myself and threw it away when I got my new phone. The longest I had a single application of Ghost Armor on was about 9 months, I too experienced the small corners coming up from normal pocket-abuse, but there was very minimal "orange peel" to the product before I removed it. Removal was easy and quick, just peel it off.. It was much darker than I remember it as it peeled off, but the phone looked normal! I guess it was darker from dirt and wear and tear. The old phone still looked new, save for a few areas that had been subject to exposure to my pocket. Sadly, I lost my job shortly after and couldn't afford to Ghost Armor the new phone (and now the screen has a hairline scratch and I'm pissed!). That's what Sprint's warranty is for .

Would I still recommend Ghost Armor? Definitely
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Anybody try transparent shield from imak?Look on
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Default BodyGuardz Dry Apply

I just put a BG Dry Apply on my Atrix 2 and I really like it, it's clear with no bubbles after a few hours if you install it correctly, I installed mine in the bathroom after a shower so the moisture in the air would weigh down all the dust and stuff. As stated before BG has great customer service and if you post a pic of your phone with "Upgrade me to Body Guardz" on their facebook wall they send you a 30% off code. So I got mine for $11, they ship with 2 of them and have a Lifetime warranty. Can't beat it. There is a very slight orange peel effect on my screen, but I have to hold it in the light just right to see it.

I had an Invisible Shield on my TP2 and it protected well, was hard to put on and had terrible orange peel. Won't get another one. I hate doing a wet install on a $450 smart phone anyway.

Hope this helped.
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Default Hide scratches

I got a Samsung galaxy S3 today and two hours later I got a scratch on it, not too deep, but there it is, I would like to know if the Bodyguardz will hide scratches, since that is the only one I can get in my country, thank you
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