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HTC Evo View as Bluetooth Cellphone

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By dtack, Junior Member on 20th December 2011, 01:54 AM
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Saw a post where they were using bluetooth headset and calculator as a dialer!

I was encouraged to add some details to this post by GODZSON, so here goes!

The credit for putting this together goes to crmcsh01, He's going to post a walk-thru soon.

I'm using contradude's CleverNameHere ROM on the Cricket network android plan.

Cricket is cheap and they don't care about your hardware.

Using DialerOne app I get full cell phone OTA ( MDN, NAM, PRL and commit) with *22804

Using Universal CKT MMS (the black app), I've got full messaging over the cell net.

Groove IP and Google voice provides voip on the data net. Works fine.

Cell phone function is almost complete, just some audio issues, the posts below give some good ideas for fixes and toys.

Support EVO VIEW as Phone!

[Q] HTC Evo View phone?

Cheap stylus
Fujitsu Stylus FPCPN36AP

I haven't cooked a ROM since my touchpro2, but I think there is a very good chance the android pros out there can figure out the phone details. Also hardware buttons could be remaped (camera?) like in the old winmobil. I'd like my toy to have all the bells & whistles!
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28th December 2011, 05:49 AM |#2  
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Evo View Bluetooth Cricket Walkthrough

Evo View Tutorial

Hey I'm having a blast with my new toy, tried all 3 roms and clevername seems to be the one I like the most. Anyways if you want to copy and paste this tutorial go ahead, I made a few tweeks to it but for the most part it is complete, I did say it's not 100% and would appreciate input from the community.

HTC EVO View 4g on Cricket:
Google and the Open Handset Alliance (Android OS), MyCricket Forum, XDA-Developers, contradude (ROM), AlphaRev and unrevoked (Revolutionary: S-off & Recovery Tool)
If I missed anyone, let me know. If you want me to link to any website I will.

I take no credit for the information provided; I simply compiled a set of instructions that worked for me.
This tablet was surprisingly easy to get onto Cricket’s network and I am able to use almost every feature, the only part not working is incoming calls. Google Voice works for incoming and outgoing calls though, so I thought I would give a walkthrough of what I did to get this tablet working on Cricket’s network. Keep in mind that this is not 100% complete yet, I would really appreciate input from the community to better this tutorial.

- CDMA Workshop paid version and QPST. You can probably get this done without Workshop but Workshop makes it MUCH easier.
- A rooted HTC Evo View, (I used CleverNameHere Rom RLS1) by contradude, I have not had time to play with honeycomb yet.
- Put your Evo View’s MEID on Cricket’s network on the $55 android plan, make sure it is NOT on your account as a (CPE) or your data will not work.
1. Open up your calculator app and put the tablet into landscape mode type !!3424! =, this will put your tablet into debug mode.
2. Open up CDMA workshop and connect to the proper com port.
3. Under the security tab, read the spc using “HTC Method” and write it to 0’s.
4. Under NAM tab, put your “MIN” “MDN” and “HomeSID” in the appropriate columns.
5. Under the EVDO tab put in all 4 columns and “cricket” (NO quotes) for your passwords. Change Mobile IP Behavior to MobIPandSimple.
6. Under the PRL Tab, write Cricket’s android prl to the tablet. I use 42700
7. Do a mode reset and when it boots up you should get a “3g” icon and data should work.
8. If you keep getting a handsfree activation prompt:
a. Connect phone to QPST v2.7 build 323
UNDER M.IP TAB, delete all user profiles except 0 and 1, you should be able to double click users 0 and 1 and edit the profile
HA and AAA shared secret > Text String > cricket
Do the same for both profiles
Change Active User - 1
> Um
Input in Tethered NAI and User ID
Password > cricket
Input in User ID
Password > cricket
9. Using root explorer or root browser, edit the build.prop file under /system/build.prop and edit the following line: change the 0 to a 1 and you should have your phone enabled.
10. There are a couple ways to setup mms messaging. The way I used was to install APNbackup and Restore
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<apn name="Production" numeric="310012" mcc="310" mnc="012" apn="1" user="" server="" password="cricket" proxy="null" port="null" mmsproxy="null" mmsport="8080" mmsprotocol="2.0" mmsc="" type="mms" />

Just edit the "your10digit#here" part with your phone number and save this.
Place it on your phone's SDCard under a folder called "apnbackuprestore". Then open the Android App APN Backup and Restore (on the Market). Backup the stock settings. Then delete APNs and restore the new APNs you just created.
11. To get youtube to work, dial !!3282!= from the calculator. Click edit and then enter the MSL. It will prompt you for a password which is the MSL or SPC.
Choose Advanced and at the bottom pick RTSP\HTTP Setting:
Change RTSP Proxy Address to:
Change RTSP Proxy Port to: 0
Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:
Change HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0

12. For a dialer there are a couple options I have found, If using HTC Sense, I had to install a dialer app from the market, dialerone worked for me, you might need to run the apk from a fileexplorer as I am not sure if the market will give you a result since you are using a tablet. If I put launcherpro on this tablet and use launcher pro, I have the actual HTC Dialer on my home screen no problem. If you make a test call with it, you can dial *228 send and your tablet will program over the air. If you call out using cricket service, you will need to use Bluetooth in order to hear anything, but if you use groveip and google voice, it will automatically go to a fully functioning speaker phone when you place a call.
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31st December 2011, 02:06 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by huntman21014

care to give some more info on how you flashed it to cricket and data costs?

see post #2 thanks to crmcsh01
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31st December 2011, 02:16 AM |#4  
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HTC EVO View 4g on Cricket
Didn't have enough posts to include links, so dtack posted for me, any question just ask!
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31st December 2011, 07:29 AM |#5  
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Thread cleaned
Thread had been cleaned up for development, Thanks to dtack and crmcsh01 for info.. edit current posts with updates

P.s. For dev info the Jet Stream modded with phone service.
5th January 2012, 04:08 AM |#6  
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as for the instructions, do these instructions work on sprint? Just use sprint prl, instead of the password being cricket itll be sprint?
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5th January 2012, 05:13 AM |#7  
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I really want this work... id rather use this than my evo 3d

I just spent about an hour going over my evo 3d build.prop and the buil.prop for the view 4g (viperrom) and I added any values from the evo 3d build.prop that wernt in the viperrom (view) build.prop. I adjusted a few things too.

anyone want to give this a try on the sprint network and see if it gets us any further on getting the view working on the sprint network for calls?

here is the build prop I modified
5th January 2012, 06:09 AM |#8  
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I am sure the view would work as a phone on Sprint. I think the biggest issue you will run into is getting sprint to activate or put your view's MEID/ESN onto an account the same way they would put an Evo 3d on. If you try to activate it as a phone, they will see it as a tablet in their system and probably not do it. Cricket was pretty easy because as far as they were concerned it was just another ESN to put on an account, as far as they know, it is an EVO 3d.
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5th January 2012, 06:18 AM |#9  
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it is possible to change the meid number

im just saying it "can" be done. Im not saying do it lol
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5th January 2012, 09:49 AM |#10  
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Changing MEID on instrument is illegal (I think so). If you change MEID on your handset, then you need to get this MEID registered on Sprint.

dtack, you asked to enable the phone function in build.prop. Would this enable the bluetooth headset to work with VIEW or should we do some more tweaking?

I have tried enabling the bluetooth in build.prop (two properties mentioned for flyer gsm) and tried connecting to PC (PC as a bluetooth headset), left out with unluck. It could connect the media audio but not the phone.

pls help us on this.

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